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  • Michael Cadonic - Awesome - But I Don't Need Someone Else's Instruments - I Play My OwnI like using this software because of the skins. That makes it easy. I have more expensive software that I don't use because those programs are to hard on the eyes. This is about the easiest I've found so far. I do my own instruments. I don't even fool around with pre-recorded or sampled sounds unless I'm truly making a demo or something to pass along to my family only. So the instrument feature is about useless to me. I run my instruments and microphones through a Behringer USB mixer. I can do some pretty impressive work with this program that the more expensive programs do. I won't update this program for 2014 but if I end up having to upgrade to a newer computer (if they still make them) then I'll look at buying a newer version of this program. It won't be anything less than the 2015 version though. 2013 is just fine.
  • Elizabeth Cardona, USA Army - Can't be without it!I am studying for a laboratory specialist in the US Army now. While growing up, my mother many times cured me with this book ...this was our family doctor we have a very old copy and I am so happy to find this again... I have learned so much in this book and must say that this book is extremly valuable.
  • jeanne - Glad I picked this one!!Perfect size, portable and movies play and sound amazing! This tablet may not have tons of bells and whistles but that is not what I wanted it for. I love movies and when I can't sleep at night I reach for this and find a favorite movie, place it(in its case) on my chest and kick back in my recliner and usually end up falling asleep! I just love my Kindle Fire HD!! Thanks Amazon!! :)