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  • Brenda Christensen - Fantastic Journey to the FutureRob and Shel continue to blaze a path forward for all into unknown tech territory. Not only is the book rich with examples putting the Age of Context in context, but is a quick, easy smart read that is atypical of other books in its genre. Without a superior "we know it all" tone, the authors invite the reader on their journey as they reel in the years and present days of future past, showcasing how we'll all be relating on this wondrous human adventure through space and time.
  • Sean M. Ragan - A Fantastic BookThis and the companion volume, Where There is No Dentist, provide great practical grass-roots solutions to the problem of rising health care costs. As you might guess, Where There Is No Doctor and Where There is No Dentist, people practice proactive prevention instead of reactive treatment. Certainly it is good to live in a country where Doctors and Dentists abound, but they are expensive, and preventitive living is healthy living. Following the advice in these books won't just save you medical bills; it'll make you a healthier and better person all around. My highest recommendation...
  • M. Caplan - Bound to the BinderI don't know what I ever did before I was bound to this binder. I tried binding my feet to make myself more marketable. I even tried binding myself with a bustle and corset. But both of those solutions proved difficult as a means to keep myself in the public eye because I kept passing out and falling down. This binder has solved everything! Now I don't have to move at all! I can stay in one place and just be observed. Plus because of its streamlined profile it helps me stay fit and in shape like Snooki!
  • babu1801 - nice strollerLove this style! I will make recommendation for my sister

    1. rides smoothly
    2. fold by one hand easily
    3. lightweight and portable
    4. easy to assemble

    1. No tray for baby. Britax's is too small
    2. storage basket is a little small

    ps. This is a great one. You'll get good value for money