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  • Luke K. - Fluent, Fast, Easy to Use...After a Little Getting Used To.I'm currently running Microsoft Office 2013 Pro on my Desktop computer at home. It's a Windows 7 computer and it runs Office like a champ. I have barely skimmed the surface of all Office 2013 has to offer with each program and I'm already thoroughly impressed. Word in particular is fast and fluent and I like the flow of it. Screen changes and the gestures of the features flow very nicely. You'll notice this the more you use it, it's more aesthetically pleasing to say the least. The top display tab that list's all your settings for HOME, INSERT, PAGE LAYOUT, MAILINGS, etc. can be pretty intimidating at first but it's easier to get the hang of than you'd think to look at it. One feature that caught my eye more than anything was the start of the programs, for Word, Publisher, Power Point. They all bring up a template screen when starting, and you can select how you want to start out from a list of pre-set designs or start off with a blank document. Now I LOVE the new pre-sets they look professional, elegant, and easy to navigate through. I'm a graphic design/visual communications major and I think Microsoft hit a homerun with this one. Office 2013 is a big win in my book.