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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 85260 Scottsdale, Arizona

  • C. Bernsen "KLYPH" - Works GreatThis is the only attachment for spray cans I have ever used. I do not have any physically limiting reason to use it, I just thought it was cool to try out, plus it got me up to the free shipping. =) Here is my review:
    I was a litte skeptical of the gun being able to hold a can securely but when you slide the can in it stays. Tight! I was also concerned about whether the whole hand trigger would be precise and as easy to control as say, a 1 or 2 finger version I had seen in a store for the same price(made in China). The four finger trigger works fine. This product made painting so easy, when I went outside to try it out and just spray a few test spots on my lawn mower I ended up going through the whole can! It gives me a much better grip on the can, better than traditional way of wrapping four fingers around the can and pointer on the nozzle. The plastic is very light weight and does not add does not add weight to the can. Even though the plastic is very thin the product stays together and I am not worried about it breaking because as you can see, the three reviews under 5 stars were responded by the owner of the company honoring the life time warranty.
    The only reason I purchased from this manufacturer is because it was made in the USA. I am not gonna say I only buy products made in the USA but when I find a product made here for the same price as a product made in China. I choose the product made here.
  • KfromTX - Really Works, be sure to follow directions EXACTLYI purchased this product from the company website after reading extensive reviews here on Amazon. No difference in price but I think they threw in the healing balm, which I did not like and did not use. I have a lot of moles on my body, most are small but had 2 which were larger that bothered me, they were on my face. I know you are wondering why I would take a chance on something like this on my face, right? Well, one of them had already been treated by a doctor years before but came back, so I was hesitant to go back to the doctor again. I had heard of bloodroot (the active ingredient in this product) for removing moles, warts, etc. so thought I'd give it a try when I had some time off from work. This is a folk remedy which has been used for hundreds of years with lots of success, long before there were dermatologists. Both moles on my face were removed beautifully. The one that the doctor failed with took 2 applications to remove because it was larger and apparently deep. Be sure to follow the directions EXACTLY and it will work for you, remember some large ones take more than one application and they are not pretty as they are healing, folks. DO NOT pick the scab and keep putting Neosporin on the spot as it heals and you won't have a scar. I am extremely fair skinned and scar easily and although the marks stayed pink for about a month, eventually they faded and you cannot even tell where it was. There is plenty in this small tube to remove lots of moles. I also removed a large skin tag behind my ear, a mole on my leg and a skin tag on my adult son, still plenty left. I know there are lots of people who think the only way you should have moles removed is by a doctor but it is expensive and time consuming, even if you have health insurance. If the mole looks abnormal in ANY WAY you should definitely see a doctor but if it is just a regular mole you want gone, I recommend this product. I would not hesitate to use this again on myself or any member of my family. Best time to do this is in the winter when your skin will not be exposed to the sun.