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  • R. S. Rehmel - Works greatI bought this pan to test the product. I am a big fan of iron ware and a sceptic of non-stick, because when it goes bad little pieces wind up in your food. Seasoning the pan was something I had done before. This may be the cause of so many problems. Seasoning if not done correctly can ruin a pan. My experience with this pan for the last six months has been excellent. To coin a phrase it does work just like on TV.
  • Angela - I love my Kindle!I have had my Kindle for over a month now, so I think I have enough experience with it to give a pretty fair review. First of all, I was so excited to see how small and light it was! I read the dimensions, but for some reason thought it would be bigger. I really like the seperate switches for the power and the wireless. It's nice to turn off the wireless when you don't need it (really saves the battery power). The battery seems to have a really long life to it. I've made it through whole books without recharging (if the wireless is off).

    I think I am going to upgrade the cover though. I haven't had any serious problems with the cover it came with, but I'm uncomfortable having such an expensive item held in by only two corners (all on the left side). My FIL has a cover that holds in all four and I think I'd like that better. There is no backlight and that's just fine by me. I got the Mighty Bright LED light and it works great.

    The buttons. It took a bit of getting used to, but I've gotten very good at not pushing the buttons and losing my place. I do read with the cover so I just hold on to the bit of cover that sticks on on the left hand side. I have a hard time reading without the cover because I end up pushing all the buttons and it gets frustrating. I do like how it saves your place in each book or magazine.

    I read mainly novels, so I don't have the problems that others have had with the magazines (graphs and pics being done poorly). I haven't had any problems with the wireless either. I live in Northern Utah and get at least three bars (sometimes only two in my bedroom).

    Overall, I've really enjoyed the Kindle. It fits in my purse (I put it in a gallon zip bag because it's currently snowy here) and take it everywhere. I have some children's books on it and has been great at the doctors office to read to the kids. I do wish there was a folder system to sort books though. Would be nice but it's easy enough to work around. I just use the show and sort feature to find what I'm looking for.
  • David Allen "Trust999" - An Outstanding Book That Must Be Read By EveryoneAs usual, Ann hits the nail on the head with her new book. I don't know of anyone who would have the nerve to touch this important subject other than Ann. The subject is the always political, highly charged, and much abused subject of Race. She gets off to a slow start, but she must explain the roots of how we got to where we are today and how the masses are so easily swayed into believing that wrong is right and right is wrong, and removing those who disagree, just like the left, and the media do today. Then she quickly moves into current day affairs and how racism has been used as a tool for the left and real racist blacks to gain power and control.

    If you want to know what is really happening in America when it comes to Race, how its used, abused, manipulated by the left, the media and the real racists, black racists, then this is a must read for you. Billions of Americans are thinking and wondering if their gut feeling about race and blacks are correct, or have they been wrong all along. Ann clarifies everything for you in this book. She exposes the players, their methods, and the disastrous results that hurt not only the country, but honest blacks themselves. As usual, Ann backs up her words with facts and actual examples, unlike the left who spew their lies and hate, but are never called out to back up their claims.

    Embolden yourself with the knowledge of the truth and stand up against this racial demagoguery the left has so deviously molded into a tool for their destruction of the US. Yes, there will be vile comments, and ignorant remarks, and made up stories by the left and the racist blacks here who do not want this information exposed. Ignore them, they are exactly what Ann describes in this book, racists, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Trufflehunter - A classic, refinedDiablo 3 is the logical evolution of Diablo 2. Everything about it feels like a sleeker, fancier version of its predecessor. And if you found countless hours of enjoyment from the previous titles like I did, you will not be disappointed.

    I would like to respond to the criticisms I have seen to date, because I think the tide of negativity on the internet about this game could turn people away from experiencing a very fine game.

    "Someone beat the normal campaign in only 12 hours!" -- There are 4 difficulty modes which get progressively harder, not to mention 5 different classes to play. Also, a HUGE part of this series has always been about finding the best gear, which means additional replay value. Likely the person beating the game in 12 hours also skipped a ton of content. I would not be surprised if I get more than 500 hours of entertainment JUST from playing through the four levels of difficulty with each character. Not bad for 60 bucks.

    "It's like WoW..." or "It's not like WoW..." -- Every time I see this, I want to weep for the current generation of gamers. Yes, D3 has stylistic and user interface influences from WoW. But the Diablo franchise is a very different, yet fantastic experience. If you want to play an MMO, then please do so. Just don't compare two genres to each other.

    "I can't play this game because the servers are not 100% perfect on day one. I'm expecting it will never improve!" --It's an online game. There will be launch issues. Just relax and use that server downtime to do other things in your life. Personally I've found several hours to play, and when the server goes down, I take it as a convenient stopping point to go enjoy other activities. Give it time and it will be much more stable, and you'll be able to play marathon style to your heart's content.

    "I can't play this game without an internet connection!" --Internet connections and the need for them are becoming ubiquitous. It's true, you might not be able to play D3 on your laptop on your morning commute. Does that make it a bad game? Is WoW a bad game then, too? You can't go fishing or play basketball on the commuter bus either. Does that mean fishing and basketball are completely ruined and deserve the lowest rating you can give? Further, once the server issues are resolved, the need for connectivity will not affect the vast majority of us that play pc games at home.

    "The leveling mechanic is terrible! You have no freedom to choose!" -- Okay, now we are getting to a grown-up comment. This could be a valid concern in that one of the best parts about D2 was strategically planning an interesting build for your character. Terms like Whirlybarb, Hammerdin, and Skelemancer still make me get a little excited. D3's leveling mechanic is far simpler -- at certain levels you unlock skills or runes to modify those skills, and you can pick whichever combination of skills and runes you want at any given time, even during battle, with no penalty. Instead of carefully researching and meticulously planning the perfect class build, your only real question in D3 is what blend of skills do you feel like using right now? I'm not sure what drove Blizzard's decision in this matter, whether it was to be more accessible to a broader audience, or whether they wanted more emphasis on playing multiple characters versus multiple builds of one character. It's still enjoyable, but it's quite different than D2 in this regard. But don't let this concern alone turn you away from experiencing this otherwise amazing game.

    One final comment: I'm amused by all of the negative reviews from folks who clearly bought the game, often even pre-ordered, stated how they waited eagerly all 12 years, took off work to play...and yet were surprised by the persistent internet connection requirement or that there were launch issues. This is really confusing to me. I would think if you were that excited about the game, you would have done your research and become aware of the online connectivity requirement beforehand. And then realizing the online aspect plus the incredible popularity of the game would invariably lead to server struggles in the first few days. Yet they still bought the game and are probably playing it right now, unless they are trolling the internet. A great number of the one-star reviewers out there are going to pour hundreds of hours into this game because it is truly amazing, yet they will still spout out their complaints. Let them whine. The more seasoned and easy-going folks (millions of us) will sit back and drink in the glory of vanquishing Diablo once more. If the servers go down from time to time, we'll decide to go read a book, take a walk, or get something done and come back in a little bit. It's going to be okay. I plan on enjoying Diablo 3 for years to come.