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  • Nina H. Ward "M-Editor101" - Excellent book with an unfortunate title

    This is a well researched and well written book on the complicated dance that couples go through in the early stages of getting to know each other and on some of the things that go wrong so they never do get to know each other. Humorous anecdotes illustrate important points to remember. With a different title it would be easier to carry around and easier to recommend to others--even so it is well worth the time to read it...and reread it...and reread it.

  • NTISP - swiffer mop

    We use this product in our pharmacy and it meets the requirements of the 797 codes. Great product for the need.

  • Alfredo - Why did it took so long ?

    After all those years whitout new material, Sade has blazed me with the new and old songs.

    It is amazing how she still can surprize me even playing the old material.

    The show is beautifully conceived to the pleasure of the viewer/listener and the Bluray captured this to your living room screen.

    You can put it side by side with Lovers Rock live in sound quality, but the new show has great new songs.
    Sade still moves like a mix of a snake and a cat and can sing as the time has never pased.

    It is a must have

  • mammaj - beautiful carseat!!

    I bought this for my grandaughter before a long trip ( which we haven't gone on yet). I wanted to make sure we were all happy with it. It is a very well made carseat and after reserch decided on the Britax. Took a while to install but it was later at night and I was tired. also wanted to make sure I did everything right. So I double and triple checked myself and the book. My Granddaughter is almost 6 mo and rides well in it. Looks very comfy and easy to get in and out of. Did buy a head support so her head doesn't flop when she falls asleep ( must be comfy).I believe my Daughter will be getting her the same one for her car. I would highly recomend this one!!!!