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  • Jerrold Lewis - This is a very nice reelI chose 5 stars because for the money, it is hard to find a better product. It's not a $300.00 reel, but as a intermediate angler who owns a wide array of reels, this one holds up well on small waters. The craftsmanship is well done, the build, of a good quality, and I must say, with a house full of left and right retrievers, switching over is amazingly simple. Well done Redington. Once more you have proven why your name is in the list of great fly fishing companies. I recommend this product to others.
  • Jill C. Murphy - Align ProbioticI depend on this product to make my life easier. While it isn't a prescription drug it is a very important part of my daily life. I purchase a box of Align once a month and the cost has been, like many other products, increasing in price over time. When I purchased the first box it was about $25 and now I have to search hard to find it for under $32 per box. When I found that Amazon carried it I purchased two boxes right away. They arrived within the week.

    I've purchased many items from Amazon from books to cast iron cookware and have never been disappointed. I'm not a fan of Walmart and just prefer not to shop in a store that tells a manufacturer how to make or sell a product. I'm all for free enterprise so I choose to shop on and haven't found any reason to stop now.
  • GC Peterson - Buy this firstWhether you're looking for work, or just want to learn more about what makes you tick, this is the definitive guide. When you finish your "flower", you'll have more confidence in what direction you need to go and have more self knowledge and self awareness of your skills, values, purpose, and what you want from your work.
    I first read it in 1980, and the new edition is far superior and updated for 2013, which is approaching fast. Do yourself a favor, get the book, do the exercises and take charge of your life.
  • William D. Mccormick "Traveler" - Everything in one book!!I looked at many books about the Appalachian Trail and found this to be the most complete for a Tru-Hiker. Specifically, I liked the detailed descriptions of the services available at each stop along the trail. Descriptions of Lodgings, medical facilities, maps of key towns, and other services is quite good. I have be able keep a light pack by resupplying about every three days.