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  • Daniel C. Larsen "Dan'L" - Leftist traits on display!Ann tells it like it is -- she has the best handle on the movement that we call "EXTREMIST LEFT." -- You may know them as the "Looney Left," the "Socialists," the "crazies," the "Main Stream Media," or just "Congress!" Ms Coulter tells it like it is! Fantastic Deal ---- You should buy one of these works! -- it's neat !! XLNT Tranzaxion! Would buy again! Rating AAAAA+++++
  • dersepp - Sends Trust Fund Cry-Babies and Spoiled Brats Back to MommyWhen using Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray, you'll feel like the whole capitalist world is watching, on your side, and cheering you on while you rid your jurisdiction of your unlawful, dirty, and smelly pest problems.

    Before you know it, no more Panic in Needle Park activity in your town square, business district, or university quad. Does wonders for all the rape, assaults, drug trafficking, and even the misdemeanor petty crimes that seems associated with the occupation movement and scurrying around of such pests. Voila, you will have no more broken windows, litter, indiscriminant urination, and piles of feces that this nasty little sub-species just always leaves behind. Makes the creepy varmints want to keep their clothes on, with public nudity and sex cut back to almost nil. This "Wonder Spray" removes that pervading "burning rope" smell, too!

    When purchasing for my town's vector program, we buy here on by the pallet, and the wonder that is the world's most efficient system and consumer society delivers it cheaply to our facility in whatever shipping method we happen to choose.

    We do not exactly know or care what happens to these spoiled Trust Fund Cry-Babies and Spoiled Brats, but we are just so happy they become somebody else's problem. We are researching and studying things, and we happen to believe the treatment of using Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray will be the first step in helping these pests to change their mode from "acting out" and into becoming productive and fruitful members of our society, instead of remaining a bunch of belly-aching, crying, and stinky little twenty and thirty-something freaks. Combined with a regimine of an occasional swift-kick-in-the-ass from a 270 pound cop with a truncheon, your pest problems are gone!!

    Be sure to try Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray today!

    You`ll be glad you did!

    Ancillary Products: Be sure to see the selection of Amazon books dedicated to showing your local mayor how to grow a pair of balls and display a modicum of political will.
  • MisterClean - Fun city building gameMy rating: 5 stars even though it had a rocky launch. Great graphics, smooth gameplay, and hours of fun.

    Performance: I can play this game at full settings on an up to date but 4-5 year old computer (top of the line at the time).

    Single player: My preferred method of play is claiming my own lots and creating several cities that help each other out.

    Multi player: Initially I had other friends to play with but because of the time required to play the game they became distracted with life. This game play would be more fun if you have a dedicated group to play with otherwise you will struggle to get cities up and running.

    I've played prior Sim City games which probably made this one easier to pickup and play. However the in-game hints are enough to get most players up and running quickly.
  • Caitlin - Must-Have for PetsThe Tagg Tracker has proven itself as the best pet product out there. I have tried 3 other pet GPS products, and none have worked better than my Tagg. The battery life is unbeatable. I get about 30 days (although this depends on your location/cell coverage) which has amazing. I was frustrated at first that it would send me a breach notification every time I took my dog Jeff out for a walk, but then I discovered the "walk" button-which solves this problem! Jeff is scared of thunder, so every time it stormed he would disappear for hours and no one could find him-this is why we bought the tracker. Using Tagg we are able to bring him home safe and sound, before something could harm him. $8 bucks a month is NOTHING compared to the peace of mind and sense of security that this product has provided. Best $100 I have ever spent.