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  • KD "KD" - Better than other products I have triedI have suffered with awful cold sores for as long as I can remember. I can remember, every picture day growing up they'd seem to pop up. I have tried every kind of OTC medicine available. The only product that I had any remote success with was Abreva until now.

    I got this product as a free sample and had it in my medicine cabinet for a few months. I knew I'd eventually use it because it never fails, when something important is coming up, I'll get a cold sore (or a few). Sure enough, I start a new job tomorrow and one decided to pop up last week.

    I tried the Orajel Single Dose. It was kind of hard to figure out how to use at first because the "wrapper" wouldn't pull down as easily as I thought it would. Finally got it to work, used all of the medicine per the instructions. I felt immediate relief with the "tingly" feeling that's always associated with a brand new cold sore. It's 4 days later today and I can still see the cold sores, but it didn't spread down my lip like it usually does. It definitely "killed" the cold sore immediately. I am really happy with this product and will definitely be buying more.

    I received a free sample of Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment, 2 Pack from Smiley360.
  • KK - Great productI purchased Exposed after trying tons of other products to clear up my skin. Exposed was the only product that worked for me. It even worked better than a prescription medication a dermatologist prescribed to me. I was amazed by the results. For the first time in my life, I have clear skin and it's all thanks to the Exposed skin care line!
  • Rodrigo V Caetano - This is THE book to overcome Writer's Block!If you are experiencing writer's block, read this book!
    I must say, when I first started reading this book, I was a bit skeptical. However, after a couple weeks completing its exercises, I was quite surprised with the results I was having. One step at the time, I was able to unleash my writing skills and unblock my creativity until I was able to be back to full writing mode.
    The only thing I would note about this book is that it has some parts that touch on religion and spirituality, which may be sensitive to some readers. But, I took the advice of the author and adapt these parts to my beliefs or ignored what I wasn't aligned with me. It worked really well.
    In essence, this is an excellent book if you want to unleash your full writing skills. In the past, I tried other books on creative writing, but this was the only one that completely unblocked me and had a lasting effect. In fact, I have been writing daily for more than nine months after I finished reading it. This is an amazing book for those looking for a way to unblock their full creative potential! I highly recommend.