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  • Mark Graham - Easy breezy, you still get to eat what you want -- even if it's not EXACTLY what you want.Extra weight -- it sneaks up on you. Daily overeating -- eating that actually feels normal -- easily adds one or two pounds of fat to your body weight a month. That's twelve to twenty-four extra pounds a year! No wonder we seem in the mirror to be getting fatter and fatter. When did it happen? Gradually -- over months and years. In which case, something like Get Fit in Bed: Tone Your Body & Calm Your Mind from the Comfort of Your Bed can be helpful -- especially if you're REALLY stuck in bed for whatever reason.

    That's where this book comes in. And this isn't rocket science. Basically, you are given multiple restaurant and eating-at-home options -- and the best option is highlighted. Eat that, don't eat that. Just like it says on the tin. The calorie amounds are indicated, so you can keep track. While it can be sad to choose the lower-calorie item suggested, the authors do a reasonable job of selecting a tasty alternative.

    The nutrition advice is decent, and the section about kids' eating is helpful, indeed. (Kids are picky eaters -- any help is appreciated.)

    Overall, this book is a win. While some of the restaurant chains covered are not available nationwide (and many others are not covered at all in the book) the weight-loss information in this book is covered in a simple and accessible way. It makes that unholy activity -- calorie counting -- bearable and tasty. Recommended.
  • Daniel Spicer "Icanhas" - Indispensable...Just buy it. If you want to do well in medical school, and study more effectively... but not necessarily more... then you need this.