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  • Manny Hernandez "@askmanny" - Shirky captures the essence beyond the hypeReading this book by Clay Shirky is a reaffirmation of the brilliant thoughts he shares during his keynotes all over the place.

    This book is not about specific technologies, though you will find many enabling platforms mentioned and exemplified. Neither does it offer a framework for businesses and individuals to follow, to embrace Web 2.0 and the new social internet, though his chapter titled "Promise, Tool, Bargain" comes close to offering a roadmap for the times ahead.

    Shirky captures in "Here Comes Everybody" the essence beyond the hype, the fundamentals that make this technological revolution we're in the middle of a turning point in history.
  • mt2314 - No more Prostate cancer40 dollar and I am cured. MY doctor tried to charge me over $100,000. I am thnking about openning my own clinic.
  • Future God Chaser "I Love Jesus" - I Kissed Dating Goodbye after reading this.I recently got out of a relationship and I am too young to be in one. The relationship totally ruined my life. And this book is not telling you not to date, it's just informing people of what the dating world holds, and frankly that's not a place I want to be. We are not supposed to date, like another person reveiws. God does not want us to date, He tells us that when it is our time to marry He will present us with the person. We were, indeed, made to have desires for the opposite sex, but we are not suppose to fill them until we are married. But how can a simple smooch be wrong? Well it erupts those desires. I have now chosen not to date until I am ready to get married. Why go shopping if I don't have any money?
  • Wendy Kaplan - More Bang for the Buick...Er, Buck!But seriously, folks...forget about what Grandma Mazur did at the all-male strip club (she put the dollar bill WHERE?). This book marks a change in this hilarious series that bodes well for the future.Every book in this side-splitting series has been a treasure. But this outing goes for less laughs and more plot, and the result is stunning (hehehe, an in joke). Not that I didn't find myself howling with laughter, once again in public, not that Evanovich's incredible bon mots don't grab you when you're not looking, but this time, there is actually a mystery with several subplots, and some real suspense.In this adventure, Stephanie's bounty-hunting activities are somewhat sidelined by her search for her missing Uncle Fred, a nasty miser whose possible widow, Aunt Mabel, is planning a Caribbean Cruise within 2 weeks of his disappearance. Nevertheless, the Code of the Burg is strict, and when one's relative is missing, one must do the right thing and bring him/her home. At her family's urging, Stephanie reluctantly accepts the task.But this is Stephanie Plum we are talking about here. And lest we think that things will run smoothly, there is the small matter of the angry dwarf. Then we have the exploding Porsche (NEVER let Stephanie drive anything other than her indestructible 1950s-model Buick!!!), more exciting viewings at Stiva's Funeral Home, the stolen Beemer, the psychotic homicidal rapist Ramirez, fresh out of prison and Eager to Stalk (we met this dude in Book 1, and he is not a nice person), and at least one serious stun gun mishap (I'm not telling, but watch out the next time you eat potroast at the Plum residence). I won't even talk about the spoiled son of the Arab Sheik, or what he wants Stephanie to do for $5.While Stephanie is handling all the above with her usual Burgish aplomb, there is a true mystery unfolding. What has happened to Uncle Fred, and why is there a string of chilling and possibly connected murders, all centering around a trash-collection company? Who wants Stephanie dead? Whose chopped-up body was in the trash bags? What is going to happen with Ramirez, who wants to "lead Stephanie to God"?All of these questions are answered in the most satisfying way, and the mystery is just as good as the humor. As for romance? Well...let's just say that Stephanie had better avoid Grandma Bella Morelli's Evil Eye, because her deepening "friendship" with Ranger has taken some interesting turns. Even Lula is taken aback. I can say no more.Rex the Hamster, move over. I'm joining you in that soup can while I read Book 6. It seems the only safe place to be!