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  • C. L. Fluty "Author of Nefertiti, Immortal Queen" - Big Brother really IS watching you!This book, Bamford's 3rd about the NSA, covers the ominous rise in electronic surveillance of Americans & foreigners alike in the period since 9/11.
    At the time of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, NSA was in a period of relative restraint, following the passage of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in the late 1970s, when Congress had been scandalized by the degree of spying on Americans that was being done by the CIA and NSA. Under FISA, the NSA was not supposed to collect data on phone calls & other electronic communications in which one or both ends of the communication occurred on US soil, except with a warrant issued by a special FISA court. Nevertheless, even during this period, the NSA had been collecting calls from known terrorists abroad to recipients in the US, including several of the terrorists who later carried out the 9/11 attacks. However, as Banford points out, this data was never shared with the CIA or FBI. If it had been, these agencies could have stopped the arrival of more affiliated terrorists at our borders, and located those already here.
    Yet, instead of identifying & disciplining those in charge of the espionage organizations whose "empire building" hoarding of information allowed a band of foreign extremists to kill over 3,000 US citizens, the Bush administration supported these agencies' demand for the expansion of their information-gathering mandate through the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping and astronomical increases in their budgets.
    Bamford shows how the NSA today gathers virtually ALL of our phone calls, faxes and Internet communications, much of it with the use of software & hardware supplied by private contractors, some of them foreign (especially Israeli) in origin. Considering how little restraint Congressional oversight committees in charge of intelligence & communications have exercised over the intelligence community in the last few years, this expansion of power is truly terrifying.
    I recommend this book highly, with one word of warning: you may need a stiff drink afterwards!
  • Abbey Lawrence - Essential ReadingThis is such an important book. Since a close friend's daughter developed late-onset autism, I've been reading everything about treatments that I can get my hands on, and there's nothing else like this available. With autism rates growing so quickly, people have to start thinking outside the box, and this book is the place to start. Every parent, relative, or friend of a child with autism should be considering every treatment available and weighing their merits seriously. Here are some of the therapies and subjects discussed in the book:

    -Antiepileptic Treatments
    -Art Therapy
    -Dietary interventions
    -Leaky gut and autism
    -Speech-language therapy
    -Nutritional supplementation

    There are many more. Carefully researched but very readable, this is a book for parents, medical professionals, or anyone who wants to improve the life of an autistic child they care about. There are so many unknowns surrounding autism--it's thrilling and very encouraging to get an inside view of the progress being made to understand and treat it.
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