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  • Rachel - Fuuuunn and perfect for when you're in a bad mood!This book was incredibly spontaneous. It makes you laugh like crazy and you can actually take most of the advice given. No, the advice isn't spiritual or what it takes to be a woman.. it's just a lot of fun and it helps you bring the goodness and childhood out of you. You responsibly decide what advice you'd prefer to take [though A LOT tend to be very jokeful, and not actually serious]. It's a cute book you can read if you just need a getaway from actually being responsible and serious 24/7.
  • - Good sense may yet prevailHaving suffered with either CD or UC for more or less twenty years I have been amazed that the medical establishment only looks at serious, expensive and debilitating drugs to alleviate symptoms. This book gives you a real alternative for taking control of your own health. Her credentials seem to preclude any trace of quackery which accompanies much alternative medicine. I have only just begun with the diet but am already feeling stronger and more hopeful about my health since I have become allergic to most standard drugs, a situation which may be common. This is a must read for anyone with IBD.