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  • CQueen - Incisive prose puts you on the battlefieldMany wonder how this book compares to Killer Angels: it's much better. Killer Angels has only precedence. It's been some years since I read it but I found it somewhat dull and the characterizations unconvincing. Cain has no such flaws at the senior officer level although for the rank and file, one might find the sketches a bit more broad.

    As a long time reader of military history in general and civil war history in particular, this novel does an outstanding job of putting you in the shoes of privates, lieutenants and generals.

    The Gore is heavy in places but it is true to the reality. If you wonder what it was like to fight at Gettysburg, this is a great place to start.
  • Deborah A. Lott - Beyond the ExpectedGuest editor Mark Doty introduces the latest volume in the best of series with the story of Caedmon: "an origin myth for the art of poetry." From Caedmon he shares the lesson that the lyric can "never be pure praise," but must also include "lamentation and outrage." And citing another century's great poet, W.H. Auden, Doty reminds us that "a poet cannot bring us any truth without introducing into his poetry the problematic, the painful, the disorderly, the ugly."

    In Doty's selection of 75 poems, he's true to both Caedmon and Aduen in bringing us poems that demonstrate the condition of contemporary poetry in all its tension between the lyric and the time- and earth-bound, the glorious and the wrenching. Open nearly any page of this volume, and you'll find poems that go beyond the expected to the painful, problematic, disorderly. Or put another way, you can't read these poems without hearing the thrilling, chilling, sometimes dissonant and unsettling music of contemporary poetry.

    No idealized mother(or baby)in Julianna Baggott's "For Furious Nursing Baby," with lines like "your wisest muscle/is the wet engine/of discontent." Then there's Bruce Bond's "Pill" in which instead of the usual uplifting tale of recovery, we learn that sobriety is a drug that teaches you to "live here/in a town/with one good street to speak of, one flock of trees/to storm the night." Stephen Dunn reminds us of the shadow presences that haunt every romantic relationship, the imagined man (and imagined woman) who "slips in/to her life every day from a secret doorway/she's made for him."

    The poems in this volume are full of beauty, but it's not a simple, no-questions-asked easy beauty. Rather it's the rapture of Mary Jo Salter's poem, "The Gods," a beauty that causes the speaker to close her eyes and sink into the gorgeous, nameless,/shifting discordances/of the world [that] cry aloud."

    Even if you're not a regular reader of poetry, how about one a day for the next two and a half months just to see where these poems take you?
  • Paul Moskowitz - Quick and EasyWhen I was running out of uranium, I found that getting this uranium ore was so simple. Just a single click on Amazon and it was on its way. This is much easier than going to Africa to get that yellow cake stuff. This uranium ore fits perfectly in my centrifuge too. Saddam could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he had an Amazon account.
  • Brandon - Use Quicken to Track Your Spending!The first step to taking care of your money is to see where and how much you spend. I had never used quicken before or any software to track my spending. I am very happy with quicken and the app for my android phone. It is worth the money to utilize this software. I personally don't do as much as I should with making a budget and tracking exactly where my spending goes just yet, but I will be and quicken will allow me to. I really like ability to add my credit card and loans. I like it shows me how much I spend each both and how much I earn each month so I see how much money I have left over. If you want to be super in depth with your spending you can use quicken and if you just want to scratch the surface and get an idea of how much you spend vs. how much you make you can do that with quicken. This really is a one stop for all your personal money management needs.