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  • Robin Orlowski "political activist" - Say It In StyleContinue your year of fun with this latest calendar from Anne Taintor. Combining retro graphics with quirky one-liners, this latest offering will easily perk up anybody's home or office.

    There is plenty of writing space for anybody's appointment scheduling, a must in today's busy environment. But as always, the eye-catching feature of this product is the graphics. She continued putting time and care into the 12-month calendar. It perfectly matches my own retro-inspired decor.
  • Christina Snow - A- rating.....My Review:
    I adored the first book in this series, She Can Run, so I was thrilled when Melinda asked me if I wanted to read this book. And it definitely lived up to expectations. Someday I want to be able to write romantic suspense like Melinda Leigh does!! Tons of action, seriously creepy bad guys, amazing emotion, and lots of just fabulous characters that you can't help but to fall in love with....

    This book features Rachel. She's had to give up her dreams after a riding accident left her with a shattered shoulder. She's returned home and is working to set up her grandfather's homestead into a profitable horse farm. Upon returning home though she finds her sister's marriage is in a bad place and her sister's alcoholic husband is becoming abusive. That's just the start to her troubles. She also has someone (maybe the sister's husband or maybe someone else) causing problems on the farm.

    Mike is the police chief. He has his own set of problems starting with huge amounts of guilt over the fact that a woman died at the hands of a serial killer in his town last year. He is guzzling mylanta like it's water and avoiding his doctor friend, Quinn. It doesn't help things that the police force is short-handed and the city council are putting tons of pressure on Mike. The last thing he needs to do is become involved with Rachel, especially since she is part of an ongoing (actually several ongoing) investigations.

    Both Mike and Rachel are very guarded people. Neither one has a great family background and they definitely have issues with trusting their feelings...Rachel especially. Rachel's mother had some mental issues and Rachel worries about that happening with she keeps herself from everyone. She wants and likes to be alone, but Mike refuses to let her face all of this he can't stand the thought of her being unprotected. I loved that about him...he is so protective and alpha about her. He's actually that way about the entire town...thus why he isn't sleeping and guzzling mylanta. You have to feel for the poor guy because how can you not love a guy who wants to take on the protection of his entire town.

    Then there's Rachel....who is independent to the point of it physically hurting her. She could easily destroy her shoulder so that she could never use it again, but even with that threat, she won't ask for help. But when it comes to protective streaks, she's the same as Mike when it comes to her sister and nieces. Really great characters.

    I had NO IDEA who the bad guy was....even when the story was on the verge of revealing it, I kept guessing between three good! You like romantic suspense?? You need to read Melinda Leigh's books! Just a great roller-coaster ride of a read and I LOVED IT!!

    I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.
  • Lafou "LAFOU" - I love this thingI was putting off buying a Vitamix while getting fresh juices from local organic stores. I wanted to see if my juice consumption would justify investing in a crazy expensive blender.

    1) Juicing made me feel much better after a short time, so I'm hooked.
    2) Based on my juice purchasing record, it would not take long to justify buying a $100 NutriBullet.
    3) Made the purchase & the NutriBullet is going strong. I've saved money doing my own juicing.

    If there is too much vegetable fiber left over, it gets thrown in a soup. It's easy to clean. It comes with extra cups and a cover, so the juice can travel in a cold pack.

    I cut hard veggies like carrots into small chunks 1st. I made hummus in it, but next time would make it in smaller batches.

    If it breaks tomorrow, I would replace it in a heartbeat.
  • Fish Oil Guy "PIXE" - Very Easy to UseI have used Pro 2009 and this version is clearly a step ahead. Very easy to use and set up. I use it to send invoices and track spending. Chart of accounts and clients are very easy to setup. I have no experience or never took a course in accounting. The only accounting I have is spending money and paying bills. With QuickBooks Pro 2013, it makes keeping track of your invoices a breeze.
  • Michelle Gamet - I AM HIGHLY IMPRESSEDI have been using this device for a year now. Yet, I was highly impressed from day one. When I looked at the reviews given by Dr Oz, that is what impressed me, also. Dr Oz gave this device a thumbs up. My skin glows. The springy elasticity of the skin is what I noticed, too using this product. The stimulation on the molecular level beneath the skin with the radio wave frequency moves nutrients and oxygen about for cellular feeding. Which in turn, plumps up cells, which creates filled in lines. I use olive oil smoothed over my skin as this adds a lipid or a fat on the surface of the skin, which the radio frequency pulsing presses into the deeper skin layer for lubricating. Therefore, the skin will not dry out. So, instead the skin gets a deep massage and moisturizing. This I have used safely on my face, throat, hands, fore arms, beneath my arms, chest, thighs and calves of my legs. I Am Highly Impressed ~