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  • Christian J. Convey - Makes senseI'm not a Christian, but I've been curious about the apparent gap the fierce dedication to Jesus that the Bible seems to demand (i.e.,the lives of the apostles), vs. how most self-identifying Christians seems to behave. This book suggests that it's not the theology that's incoherent, but that the self-identifying Christians are not following orders.
  • pharmacytechstudy - Perfect for Pharmacy Tech Students !This is Keith from Pharmacy-tech-study.com. I also have a video review of this little book on my website under the memorizing tab. But first, let me tell you why I endorse this book so much. I like this particular drug reference book because it has just the right amount of information that pharmacy tech students need.

    All of the other pocket drug reference books I've seen are bigger in size and have smaller print. I think it's mostly because they've tried to squeeze in more information, but, it's info that's more pertinent to Pharmacists, Nurses or Doctors. This book is easier to navigate through, and has the top 1200 drugs listed. To give you an idea of it's size, It's not much bigger than a man's wallet and not much thicker either. It can easily fit into a lab-coat pocket, purse or even the back pocket of your jeans.

    Inside the book, there's more than just the drugs. In the front, there's a section that describes the DEA Schedules. Then there are over 450 of the most commonly used abbreviations. Right after that is a section that lists drug classifications, and the most commonly prescribed drugs for each.

    In the body of the book, the drugs are listed by generic name alphabetically. Also, such things are listed like: if the drug is available OTC(over the counter), and it lists the common uses and indications, as well as contra-indications and black-box warnings. It says if the drug is a controlled substance, typical Adult and pediatric doses and common side effects

    Again, the print in this book is a great size and it's appropriately organized. The bold print for the headings and emphasized print for sub-listings makes the information easy to scan and find quickly. So, you might be wondering how to look-up brand names? Well, the index in the back lists every generic and brand name alphabetically and cross references them to each other, then gives you the page number. It's very handy. In fact, this whole book was well thought out and is highly organized. Additionally, the print quality and binding of the book are quite good. Overall, I highly recommend the "scut monkey" and think it's priced very fairly, especially for what you're getting. Amazon has it for the lowest cost. So, that's my review of this book, you can probably tell that I'm giving it two thumbs up.

  • Jeff Drake - Very nice USB hub!I just installed the Kdlinks UH4P 3.0 powered USB hub today. I had an initial problem getting the hub to connect on my 3.0 laptop port, but it connected fine on the 2.0 port. However, after rebooting my PC, I plugged it into the 3.0 port and it connected just fine on that one, too! I did notice though that the little icon in the lower right (per the instructions) that you can click on to safely remove a device from the hub was missing.

    To make sure it was working properly, I contacted Kdlinks support. I received an email very quickly, asking me a few system questions. I sent back the system info, but by then I had already rebooted my laptop and reconnected to the 3.0 port, and other than the missing icon, it seems to work great!

    Kdlinks support (thank you, Erik) told me that the hub requires no driver and as long as data isn't being transmitted when you disconnect it, it will be fine to disconnect at will.

    I bought this hub to replace the old 2.0 Dynex hub I had used, but eventually sidelined because connecting 3.0 devices to it caused a constant reconnecting/disconnecting problem.

    I am very happy to say that this new Kdlinks hub is taking everything I plug into it and I am having no problems with it at all. It's great to free up the few USB ports I have in my laptop for other stuff.

    I am also impressed with the unit itself. It feels like it is made of very sturdy material, and it has an on-off switch. Nice job, Kdlinks!
  • Charles Martin Link, II - Anti-virus dealI have given up on Frys and rebates. Just do this and get on with life. This is the package to buy. Who needs the other stuff, specifically the cloud backup at Symantec when it is nearly free elsewhere. They just use the good, better, best approach to scare buyers into paying more for something they don't want or need. This IS the package to buy and the price is right on Amazon.