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  • The Hermit "The Hermit" - The Road - the ultimate Black Mass added to a twisted Dark Ambient mixThis film and it's book is for people like me - and those who can appreciate them for what they stand for - those who know that there's an endlessness out there whose energy , chasm and raw power source cannot be anticipated or controlled or explained in proper terminology by the use of language. Authors such as myself and Conrad Williams are therefore terrifyingly difficult to understand and perhaps even like for some people. We come like thiefs in the night and we steal away peoples'hopes for an end of the book , and their attempts to rationalize away the possibility that something like this might come - in this case an apocalypse brought by electronic storms caused by global cooling. Because of how realistic the novels of Conrad William are and perfectly suited for large studios or filming in deserted areas like the Las Vegas desert , people don't want to believe that they can actually happen in real life. The Road is a 'politically incorrect post apocalyptic book', plain and simple. And that makes the Road bad for big bussiness. What's even worse for big bussiness is the success the Road reached. People felt motivated by the father's love for his son and that is what kept the story going - the man's love for the boy and the boy's love for him in turn. Not some kind of 'truth'. This book isn't about the truth at all - it's about the human condition under extremes our civilization has endured in the past. Mankind has experienced all kinds of remote apocalyptic events , extinctions of whole species , alien invasions , world wars , plagues which sometimes felt unreal. All these things have happened in one form or another - including today's not much talked about violence against corrupt puppet politicians who have represented federal powers instead of the people. Thus said , the Road succeeds so well as a movie that it can be played out in ritualistic settings during extreme survival scenarios. Authors like Conrad usually don't dwell upon Christian apocalyptic scenarios even though they may be very well meaning Christians in some cases , because they know that today , apocalyptic novels composed from a Christian perspective don't work for small bussiness but for big bussiness and big money. They don't want to travel that Road , so instead , they have decided to travel the Road less travelled. For me , the Road was a perfect film to watch alone and a very well done portrayal about cannibalism.
    The main hero keeps covering up that he has been a cannibal to the rest of his epic journey accross the American wilderness which is increasingly exposed to the full time effects of global cooling. Finally he has to pay for having lied to the boy with his life. Bad for big bussiness books and movies , or non - mainstream litterature which would later be turned into films usually do not get good reviews or many amounts of good reviews because big bussiness doesn't like that to happen. Originally , films like Close Encounters didn't get positive reviews in film criticism works because that was considered bad for bussiness. Cannibalism is a fact of human life , it's still going on just like mass human sacrifices to some deranged deities are still going on as well , except not openly like in the past but rather sort of covertly. People turn over to those they think can offer them better solutions during extreme circumnstances , even if that means they may be considered to be imaginary saviors. The best way to experience the Road is to actually put yourself in it's situation with two opposing factions - whose sides you may be forced to pick. Such rites make it possible to understand such books and the films they are based on as The Road , much better , because they enhance the senses to the point of total mental , physical and emotional exhaustion. In turn , no stupid , unnecessary political advise is followed - the truth is layered out before you plain , bare. That's the moment you become psychic and all hell breaks loose and every sick , perverted and deranged fantasy as well as honest to - goodness fantasy comes to life before those flawed senses. Is that reality? You be the judge! Thus the Road works like a long , twisted dark ambient song which doesn't get easily noticed for what it is , a thoroughly played out , dark ambient melody whose terror is not fully realized until usually afterwards or though watching again. The perfect exercise in the direct experiencing of existential angst.
  • Kellie - Works great!I recently received a free sample of this product (from smiley360.com) and stuck it in my medicine cabinet for future use. I do not get cold sores often but when I do they are painful and take a while to go away. In the past I have used Abreva and while it helped a little, I didn't feel like it was wonderful - or worth the price.

    The other day I was getting ready and I noticed I had a decent-sized cold sore that must have just started and was already getting sore. I remembered the free sample and pulled it out to try. Here is what I thought.

    Pros: Easy to apply.
    Numbs nearly instantly.
    Dries quickly.

    Cons: Dried my lips.

    I have to say I applied this and then got ready so I was fearful that I may have washed it off too soon or something so at bed time I used the other enclosed dose on clean, dry lips and then went to sleep. The next morning I was amazed that the cold sore was considerably smaller and gave me almost no discomfort. That alone would convince me to buy again but the second morning the cold sore was a tiny spot with almost no discomfort at all.

    I would highly recommend this if you get painful cold sores. I do recommend following it with applications of lip balm as it seems to be very drying.
  • Jasher - Great table chair..saves space..and the boy loves it.Bought this for our 18 month old son so he can actually sit at the table and eat with the family. Fits very securely to our table, much better than the chicco that we had bought previously and had to return. Also, it has straps so he can't stand up in the chair and has a nice little pocket in the back that we use to put a few bibs in. This chair is a great alternative to a big, bulky high chair, takes up very little space and I highly recommend for any parents.
  • Roy Batty - Replicant HeavenI've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. But the creamy yumminess of Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz will be praised across the galaxy for ever more. Time to die.