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  • Matthew Conquergood "Kristjin" - Excellent product!I bought this for my partner who has very, very sweaty feet. Doesn't sweat profusely anywhere on his body but his feet, and it drives him CRAZY. He's tried everything he could think of to no avail. This product has made him one very happy guy.

    The official FAQ for SweatBlock says this about using it on other body parts: "SweatBlock was developed specifically for underarm use, but many of our customers report success with SweatBlock elsewhere on the body such as head, neck, back, hands, and feet. The SweatBlock Satisfaction Guarantee is for underarm use only and it does not apply to other parts of the body. It is recommended that you consult a physician with further questions."

    The active ingredient in this product is 14% aluminum chloride hexahydrate. An internet search for aluminum chloride hexahydrate turned up a link on WebMD that discusses the application requirements for feet when this product has been prescribed by a doctor for hyperhidrosis of the feet. Specifically, it's noted that the feet should be wrapped in plastic which is worn to bed at the end of the day after applying the medication and so on. My guess is that the product is meant to be prescription based, at least in part, because of the unique difficulties in applying the product anywhere but the underarms.

    For us, dabbing it onto the feet, especially between the toes and being sure to hit every part of the foot, then slipping the feet into 1 gallon plastic food bags like these: Hefty Baggies Food Storage Bags 1 Gallon was a great way to accomplish the plastic wrapped foot. After the bag, we just put socks over the bags to keep them in place, then cut off the excess plastic about an inch above the edge of the sock.

    One application was enough to produce incredible results, but full action did not take place until a second application.

    I've never seen him smile about his feet before, and the other day he did. That was enough for me. I'd recommend it to anyone, and if you want to use it anywhere other than under the arms, check the internets for advice on how the active ingredient is applied when prescribed by a physician.
  • vanessa982 - Just an FYIIf you suffer from BV, which I have since last August, then I just wanted to let you all know a little something. I get bv now the week after or the week before my period. I use VH Essentials to cure the bv then use Pro-B after. I'm hoping with this I hopefully won't have to buy any other product. If you are sexually active PLEASE use condoms, because unprotected sex and your partner's body chemistry will throw you off completely and the same thing goes for oral sex. The salvia will do nothing good for you in the long run. This is my first week on these pills and I can say nothing bad about them. Any discomfort I had while treating with VH essentials is completely gone. This will be well worth the cost instead of spending $25 on vh essentials (which works in a hurry if you ever get bv and want it gone.),$12 on Represh gel, and $30 on these pills. Within hours of taking the pills I nearly felt back to normal minus the discharge which VH Essentials has rid me of. I hope this helps.
  • bob lipsky - A book that makes you think about what America is becoming.This book is a great read.It is also an engaging story -beautifully and simply written.But it is the questions that it raises about our current thinking in America that makes this a great book.I quote from another review.
    "Every American NEEDS to read this book. What we find in it is an America that lost its core. It is truly shocking that no matter how bad things were in New Orleans immediately following Katrina (most reporting was inaccurate and sensationalized), we are still Americans with common beliefs in our system of rights. That these rights were tossed out the window is appalling."