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Quercetin supplement benefits and side effects, drug interactions, quercetin and allergy - Quercetin supplement benefits and side effects, drug interactions, quercetin and allergy, food and dieet

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  • Sharon E. Jokela - A real help

    I am a web designer/programmer who has (had) the horrible habit of parking my body in a nose-to-screen slump for too many hours and leaving it there while I think. Otherwise, I'm pretty athletic - but was beginning to notice creaks and aches. After reading about the book in the San Francisco Chronicle, I bought it. I have been using the methods in this book for about 4 months. And have had the StretchSit Cushion for 3 months. I am feeling terrific and taller by 1/3 an inch. It is such a benefit to learn ways of helping/maintaining oneself - stretching the spine and correcting posture flaws while working and sleeping. Who would have thought! The creaks and aches are already mostly gone. The book's images and explanations are very easy to follow and give intuitive guidance which makes the concepts stick. My ham strings are still mostly like cement, but my inner corset is developing at a fine pace.

  • LVan - No sleep without it, when Mama's not happy, no one is happyl

    I started with the Canine Coolers and thought they were great! I found a Chillow at a local drug store. At the time, I had migraines and found it very useful. I could put it in place, get back to sleep and could go to work in the morning. Now I am in menopause and most nights I wish I had at least one more or even two more Chillows! I am going to order one now and may be back for a third.