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  • Judith Ford - SEAGATE EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE 2 TBI've always been a big fan of Seagate hard drives.
    This is the first external drive that I've purchased
    and it is amazingly fast when plugged into a 3.0
    USB port. I'm just using this for backup purposes.
    Plenty room, My other computers only have 2.0
    USB so it will probably be somewhat slower but
    I'll just deal with that. I'm sure that it will be fast enough.
  • Sherry E. Wells - KINDLE IS THE BEST THING TO OWN IF YOU READ ALOT!I am an avid reader who reads two to three books a week. The Kindle is absolutely the best gadget I have ever purchased. i bought mine right when they came out in 2007 and have had no prblems whatsoever with it. It is still using the original battery although i have purchased a new one as a backup. The only problem i have is keeping a decent looking cover on it. i am on my third. i carry it every where and have probably sold at least 100 of them due to inquiries about it. I have had doctors and nurses even look at it. If you know someone who reads please buy them one, they will love you for it.
  • Barbie "Hegnela" - Worked immediately!I have been suffering from on-again, off-again constipation my whole life. I've been put on "miracle diets", given medication, natural remedies, you name it.

    What first attracted me to try this supplement is the fact that it's not a laxative, or colon cleanse. It's colon health, and there's no better name for it, in my opinion. When I first purchased this item from my local WalMart a few months ago, I did so simply to give it a try, without much optimism. When I realized how quickly and effectively it worked, I was amazed!

    It didn't give me ANY discomfort as laxatives do, (they're in fact super aggressive on your insides and I strongly recommend against them) since they don't "force stuff out", but they actually put good bacteria inside to promote digestive health. That makes a world of difference, since I've noticed I don't feel as gassy and bloated all the time, and what's also really cool is that only 1 pill a day will do, so it doesn't make me feel like I'm back on those "medical regimens" that I just dreaded so much...

    One "sneaky" thing I like to do: Since the bottle they come in is very sturdy, easy to open and not made of cheap plastic, I like re-using it for other pills and simply label it with a post-it. You know those over-the-counters that come wrapped in a way that's impossible to open? I usually open them and empty them all at once into the bottle and stick a label on it. Bam! No more struggling to find a pair of scissors when I'm trying to treat a bad headache or sinus infection! :)

    Order it through Amazon's "Subscribe and save" program, you'll save so much and it'll be at your home when you need it! :)
  • R Buggs - wins over xbox oneI love my PS4 much better gameplay than the x-one. My system worked on day 1 no problems. I live in Nebraska and dont know anyone who ran into that problem. (all my homies got the ps4) I cant wait for more games to come out. Give it time ppl sony will impress those who doubted because of faulty systems and only a few launch games.