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  • darvin - Good for tonsil stonesMy ENT recommended this product as an alternative to getting my tonsils removed due to do constant tonsil stones. However, I waited two years before I tried it, and that was only after I read all of the reviews. I wish I had tried this two years ago! This mouthwash has significantly reduced my tonsil stones! I rinse (mostly gargling) for 1-2 min. morning and night, but use nowhere near the amount suggested - I use maybe a third of the amount and it is plenty. I notice that when I start to slack on my regimen, I get a tonsil stone, so this really tells me that it's working. And the fresh breath is just a great bonus; I no longer worry about the stones causing foul odors. I just have a nice, clean taste in my mouth, pretty much all day. Not really minty, just clean. I've gotten my husband to use it too, and his coffee breath goes away after he uses it. I also feel that price here is a good one; I saw this mouthwash at a major drugstore for a lot more money. I definitely recommend!
  • Deborah DeRight - Love itThis is a great item. My grand kids play games and read books for hours. I don't see how anyone can not like the kindle. I have just purchased another one so the kids can each have one. The free books in the kindle buffet is a wonderful added bonus. I purchased a inexpensive tablet for my oldest granddaughter to find out it was junk. Button were hard to press and to find apps is a nightmare. She will be getting a kindle and disposing of the other junk.
  • mjones28 - Loved this bookThis book is a must read for every woman out there, single or in a relationship. It definitely helped me sit back and think about how I will proceed with this dating game. I am going to make a bunch of online dating profile s and go shopping for my "cooking pots" at least 4, according to the author and be a SUPER DATER.

    I recommend to try the activities too. Overall, excellent book and the author don't seem like a man hater, just a white girl with soul whose keeping it real.

    My favorite chapter in particular was discussing controlling your urethra. I agree as a woman we have control over this, not anyone else. Realizing this fact prevents unwanted pregnancies. For the single mother out there, refer to the book, "A Single Mother, A Few Perspectives, And Anyone Else That is a single parent".
  • My Book Addiction and More "MyBookAddictionAn... - HOT READ!!This story was about millionaire Gabe Hamilton and Mia Crestwell, who was the little sister of his business partner Jace. Gabe had always been interested in Mia but was waiting for her to grow up before acting on his feelings. He wanted a relationship with her but not a conventional one. His included a contract, secrets and dominancy.

    It was hard to like Gabe at the beginning but in the end it was easy to fall in love with him. The only complaint would be you never knew why Gabe had self-esteem issues. He was a great businessman, devoted son, and great friend to Jace and Ash. It was in third person so we could understand what both Gabe and Mia were feeling. Mia was not as timid as Gabe thought and she learned to stand up for herself. The book did contain explicit sex scenes which included spanking and bondage. This was book one of the trilogy and looking forward to Fever and Burn which will be about Jace and Ash.

    Rating 4.5

    Heat Rating: Hot

    Reviewed by Donna McClaugherty,My Book Addiction Reviews
  • Max Berman - The struggle of Darkness and Light won by Denon.In the struggle for Darkness and Light, the human condition dictates that there can be no clear winners or losers. Pure forms of evil and good are human interpretations for theories beyond mortal comprehension. The Denon AKDL1 has turned modern agnostic thinking on its head by proving that through producing a cable manufactured from a copper of such purity, that evil cannot possibly exist. This, in turn proves that God exists ergo Heaven.