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  • Tawnja C. - This vacuum sucks!I'm VERY glad I ended up choosing this model...our carpets/floors have never felt so clean! I like that it has several attachments and use the long extension brush to dust up high and get spider webs, etc. It has a window above the brush so you can see if there is any hair or thread wrapped that needs to be removed without having to pick up the unit and turn over. It has a 7 year guarantee and not having to buy bags--ever--is a very nice bonus. Fast shipping and a great deal, too!
  • Danny Otero - Niice!Very easy setup and easy to use. I installed it on my laptop which doesn't have Bluetooth to use with my new Bluetooth speaker. I was impressed that i was immediately able to stream music and listen to my movies quickly with no lag. It picks up all Bluetooth devices. My phone and tablet synced with no problem and i was able to use some features such as streaming music and saving files. I highly recommend if your computer or laptop doesn't have Bluetooth.
  • Momof2 - So much cooler than a regular activity mat!This mat is awesome! For infants it lets them get in their tummy time. When they get a little bigger they can swat the toys on the toy bar. When they get a little longer its cute to see them light up when they realize their feet can touch the piano at the end and make noise. Keeps my daughter entertained while I'm getting ready for my day!! Lifesaver!!
  • J. Luton - Great seriesI enjoyed all three books in this series. The scope of the project was impressive. The characterizations were great and the plot was exciting. Also, the length of the book seemed just right ... sometimes authors pad their books with unnecessary side plots, but not this one. Everything tied together nicely. Wonderful read!