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  • Artemis825 - Yay Omnibus!If I had not come late to the party and had been forced to <gulp> WAIT, for more than the few seconds it took to swipe my Kindle screen, I may have lost my sanity. I am heartily grateful for being able to finish the five Wool books in one sitting (literally, I got up to go to the bathroom) and for Mr. Howey's vision, brilliant writing, and gripping tale.
  • J. Minton - Great deal on PMS reliefLove the deal I got on the BIG bottles of Premsyn PMS medicine.
    Double the amount of pills per bottle that I can buy over the counter.
    Fast shipping, great price.
  • meandthree - Kapersky 2012 Anti-VirusWe had a different anti-virus software but my daughter's computer caught a virus and was working really slow. I spoke with a friend that deals with computers and he said to buy Kapersky. Amazon had it for the best price and it's easy to install and it caught the virus, so I give it a thumbs up.