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RF generator, Radiofrequency ablation, RF electrode | RF Medical - RF Medical, RFA is specialized in Medical equipment and electrosurgical devices such as electrode, radiofrequency ablation, RF ablation, RF electrode, RF generator, RF liver, RF liver cancer treatment, RF myolysis for myoma, uterine fibroid, myolysis, adenomyosis, liver cancer, thyroid nodules and bone metastasis.


Country: Asia, KR, South Korea

  • Caonabo Javier Peguero "Long live and prosper" - Excellent virus protection suiteBeing a father modernly turns you also into the computer network manager and administrator for your house hold. In mine we have 7 computers for all children, my wife, mine and one for visitors and anoher for my mom and another for the maid. With that in mind I installed this suite that covered virus safety for three computers, saving me a lot of money but also doing a perfect job so far in keeping all those computers virus free.

    I highly recomend this product, specially when you need to install protection for several computers.
  • the_big_cuban - Best drawing program for the moneyMy review is from the perspective of a professional artist in the entertainment industry. I first used Sketchbook when I purchased a tablet PC a few years back to take full advantage of the tablet's capabilities. I was blown away by the drawing interface and how natural it felt. I have used Photoshop and Painter extensively and was really impressed at just how much better it was to draw using Sketchbook. With this new version running on a MacbookPro and a cintiq I am even more impressed with the new tool set and capabilities. For illustrating, doodling, making visual notes, storyboards.... this is my preferred tool. I still use photoshop for more complex color work, but since Sketchbook exports and opens PSD files they work great together. Autodesk has really created a simple but effective tool for artists which is very easy to navigate. I highly recommend this program for professionals as well as students. This is the best program for drawing I have ever used.