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  • R. Sutton - Does a fine jobAs with most canon pro or semi/pro lenses this unit does a nice job all the way around. But, for a wide angle, it's overpriced. A much better buy and the same quality is the Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras. The only thing Canon has as a plus over the Sigma, is about 1 f stop. Since almost all wide angle uses at this mm are outdoors, is it worth over $200 more?
  • Bill Hamilton (indy@nwark.com) - A must for medical missionaries...Clear, concise, illustrated, and practical are but a few words that describe of this book. I especially appreciated the "attitude" of the book... not only one of healing the sick, but also one of teaching those in the village how to establish a medical community of their own. It's a great book to use and then leave for those with whom you've been working. "Where There Is No Dentist" would be a good companion, as well.
  • yizzy99 "yizzy99" - Works Wonderfull on Face--Not So Much on PitsSo I have a condition called Hyperhidrosis that ensures that I'm always the first person to begin sweating. I leave the gym drenched and I have to keep a fan on me at work. As a young female, I've avoided a lot of social situations because once I start sweating, I can't stop. It's awful.

    I bought this product because I was working an event in which I was going to be around hip famous types, and the last thing I needed was to sweat my butt off because I knew it would cause me anxiety, which would exasperate the sweating.

    I tried it out a few days prior. I worked it around my hairline, where my problem area is, and under my armpits. I tried it out the next day and found it did nothing for my armpits (Certain Dri, for whatever reason, works better for me there). My face, however, was matte. I was overzealous with it the night before the event, repeating the day of. Even working in a hot theater with chaos and crowds, I only sweat slightly on my face. It was bizarre and awesome because I could feel my face getting hot, but it was dry. Amazing.

    I'm really happy this actually works because I had been contemplating getting Botox just to stop the torrential facial downpour. Finally, relief.