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  • S. Gitter "S.G." - Don't worry about the lengthI LOVE this cable. My data flows wonderfully through it. I was a bit worried about the length when first ordering. Afterall, 1.5 Meters doesn't serve many people's multimedia needs. Yet when I plugged it in I found that the cable ripped open the space time continuum resulting in a worm hole - the other end of which was another .5 meters away. BOO YAH!!!
  • Teresa - Great Book to review and study coding!Good book to review and study medical coding. I have already taken the courses, so, this provides a good review.
  • D. Garfinkel "D Kramer" - On behalf of my middle school students...many thumbs upI'm writing this review based on the enthusiasm of my 7th and 8th grade students, not on my own experience. I have about six Spore fanatics in my 7th and 8th grade science classes. This group spends long hours playing Spore and has been doing so all semester, and all of them lobbied me to buy the game for my 5th grade daughter. There are numerous other kids in 6th grade who are also playing. They all say that this is a very different game from what they've played before. What these kids have in common are: very bright,creative, love to read, love science, long attention spans. So, my recommendation is that if you have a kid like this -- perhaps especially a girl, although it could be justa coincidence -- purchase Spore.

    If the DRM really bugs you, then view it as a long term rental. That is what all games are anyway, because given a few years and a couple of operating system iterations (at least on Windows) old games either don't play or have been surpassed.
  • Joan Van De Moortel - How Can People Subsist?Well, I used my banana slicer today - greens with raspberries, toasted walnuts, sesame/orange dressing - and perfectly sliced bananas. It's been unusually cool and overcast here (like Vermont?) - I've been irritable, scattered, everything bothering me, even Victor (especially Victor - I thought if I heard, "dear, is something wrong?" one more time, I was going to forget my nonviolent nature), and then...that perfectly sliced banana brought light and renewed peace into my world. No more ungainly bruised blobs, no more fighting over who gets the biggest slices. I don't know how people can subsist without one.
  • Peter McReynolds - Before you go under the knife...!I was scheduling for a back operation after months of pain, not really controlled by Tramadol. A friend sent me this book, later admitting that it was simply the firset book he laid eyes on in the bookstore! Turned my life around in a matter of short weeks. (After two months, no more Tramadol!)
    The author is an acupuncturist, but tht is irrelevant. Basically, this hugely and superbly illustrated book simply argues the merits of good posture. Reading it, i got to thinking, maybe Mom was right. "Stand up straight; stop walking like some ape!" The first week, I simply crawled around the kitchen trying to hold myself up straight with my arms braced on the counters. Gradually, but within weeks, I was notably better. Within two months, surgery no longer considered and no more painkilling Tramadol. Now, a couple of years later, still no pain and no tramadol. I still make a conscious effort to stand and sit up straight. No more sloven old man ape walking. But, read it here, inside these pages!