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  • P. Y. Yu - It is faster and more reliable than inkjet printersI used to use laser printers in my office. Then the color inkjet printers became so cheap and convenient that I completely forgot about the laser printer. Recently I found that the ink cartridges are getting so expensive (they are becoming a rip-off!) and last so short that I decide to go back to the laser printer again (their price has become competitive with inkjet printers. I like the much higher speed and more uniform quality. My print outs look more professional also.
  • Geraldine L. Koklich "Mission Girl" - Where there is no DoctorBest information for medical & non-medical people going on mission trips I have found. I have been on 15 trips to 4 different countries and I always take this book. It's always packed along side my Bible.
  • BeatlesFan3287 - Pink Floyd's most mature album.Pink Floyd was already on top of the world when they released this album which, in a way, is the most audacious record they ever recorded. This album has more of a unified concept than anything else in the Pink Floyd discography. A rock opera much like The Who's "Tommy", and Genesis' "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway", this album tells the story of a troubled rock star who becomes emotionally detached and downright sadistic. The album works much like a film: the protagonist, named Pink, goes through a tragic story of metal decline, and eventually redemption. He slowly builds a "wall" around himself, completely shutting himself from the world outside his mind.

    Much of the story is based on Roger Water own life. Like Pink, he lost a father during the war, and also like Pink, he became a emotionally disturbed rock star. The main character's story is also much like that of former member Syd Barrett, who left the band after metal illness and drug abuse caught up to him. The album take on a very depressing tone as the protagonist's life spirals out of control. Every horrific event in his life such as the death of his father, the abuse of school teachers, and his divorce install another "brick" in the wall. The concept is unlike anything ever thought of in rock music. You don't even see this kind of story much in film with the exception of a few like "A Clock Work Orange" and "Taxi Driver"; both of which have plots similar to "The Wall".

    This plot, however, would not work well if the music wasn't anything exceptional. Yet, the music is some of the best Pink Floyd has ever recorded. Aside from the usual eerie soundscapes, their is a lot of dialog that moves the story along. And then there's David Gilmour's guitar work. His solos on "Hey You", and especially "Comfortably Numb" have become classic rock standards. And of course there's the famous childrens chorus on the second part of "Another Brick In The Wall", which helped elevate that song to legendary status.

    This is about as mature as classic rock can get. It has a message, and it goes to the extreme to convey that message to its listeners. The message that redemption can come even for the most destructive of souls is an age old rhetoric that is creatively presented here is an effortless fashion. A must have for those who like to "think" when they listen to rock.
  • Estrallita - Research Murad before you buy a specific productThe murad website has changed, but it still offers resources for specific types of skin aging and also a what is your skin type questionnaire to help you choose what is best for you. This product is wonderful if it is what you need, not just as a highly rated eye cream. it works for me, but may not for you. I have used many murad products and have found the kits are a good way to try and see which products best suit me as I have hormonal and aging issues. Do your research and you will find a mix of murad products that should work for you.
  • Brian - Always reliableThis is my second Norton purchase. I bought the 2012 version last year and was pleased with its performance. I did notice some differences with the 2013 product...the control panel is different and it lets you know, in glaring red color, if there is a problem with conflicting programs or update status that might affect you computer's protection.