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  • Satisfied Customer - Didn't think it would work, but am thrilled with the results!I'm a 29 year-old guy who didn't have any problems with bad breath until about two years ago. My wife started telling me my breath was worse than usual, even though I was still brushing, flossing, and using a tongue scraper daily.

    I read about tonsoliths (so gross), and started using a waterpik. Didn't help. Started cleaning my tonsils manually (SO gross). Didn't help.

    Started chewing gum while at work, even though none of my friends/colleagues ever complained about my breath the way my wife did (although I wasn't trying to kiss them). Eventually moved to brushing my teeth when I got home from work, because my wife wouldn't talk to me otherwise. It was depressing, and she felt bad about it, but my breath was an issue.

    My wife and I are both doctors, and I don't put any stock in homeopathy or any other "natural" garbage with no actual evidence of efficacy. I gave this a try expecting to be disappointed, but am happy to say that at least for me, it works like a charm. I started using without telling my wife, and by the second day I came home from work, and was greeted with, "Did you do something different? Your breath doesn't smell!"

    This product won't cure your bad breath. It temporarily gets rid of the odor and helps clear out tonsoliths, but it isn't a permanent solution. You need to use it daily. In my experience, you don't need to use nearly as much as the bottle says. If you follow the instructions as written you'll be through the bottle in about a week. I just use one dose at morning and night, and focus on gargling. The odor isn't coming from my teeth, my gums, or the roof and sides of my mouth - it's coming from my tonsils and the back of my tongue. Just gargle for a minute twice a day, and you're good!

    If you're sensitive about your breath, give this a try. It's $15 and it made a huge difference in my quality of life.
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