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  • Cathleen A. Braner - improving nutrition is easyThe variety of fruits and vegetables that can be " mixed" is amazing, a great way to really improve on nutrition, very easy to use, we have had it a week and have had no problems with it... I would highly encourage anyone who is trying to incorporate more Kale,spinach, etc into their diet get one of these.... fabulous !!!!!!1
  • Paul R. Wisgerhof - Tablet to HDMIFor all of you who are upset that LG does not yet support Amazon apps, you can always just connect a tablet to an HDMI port on your TV and go from there. You will be able to access all of your stuff on Prime and show it on the TV. I do it all the time with an older Samsung product and it works just fine. I am using an Android tablet at the moment.
  • D. Ewell - Wonder socksI have been backpacking for over 25 years, with many combinations of liner socks, smartwool, boots, trail runners etc, and with each one, I ALWAYS have had foot problems, ie, blisters (between my toes), hot spots and basically sore feet. With the Injinji socks, I had no blisters anywhere, and just a few hot spots, which went away without much time. I just got back from a 11 day XC trip, and am so sold on these socks. What a difference it makes not to have to deal with foot issues. One note, it is a good idea to occasionally dry the socks out on the trail by just taking off your boots and outer socks and air the Injinji liners out (while still on feet).
    PS, I rarely write these reviews, but every once in a while, a product comes along that deserves to be acknowledged.
  • Mainstreet - Useful and easy to readI find Rick's guides useful and easy to read. In his case it was well priced too. My one gripe isn't directed to Rick; it's directed to Amazon. The Android Kindle app is so bad that it wiped my copy of this book (along with every other book I had on my device). With a file size of 52mb and with the aim of having the book being that I want to travel with it, and therefore may not always be near a cheap of usable internet connection, I thought it was pretty poor form that Amazon can just delete my library just like that.