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  • Bruce - herbs galoreI have strong allergies to mold and potted plants (w/soil) cause me headaches so we are trying this hydroponics as an alternative and we are thrilled so far. Very easy to use and takes up little space. If you love fresh herbs but no outside space and / or have allergies to soil.... Aero Garden is a great alternative.
  • D. Timmerman - PLEASE READ THIS BOOKI wish every American would read this book. We as a country have gone astray, and this book explains when, how, why, and what needs to be done to fix it.

    It is un-American that we let para-military swat teams invade houses to serve warrants for non-violent consensual crimes. Or for something as inane as code violations.

    You will be shaking with rage when you read about some of the events in this book, and the things we have let our law enforcement officers get away with. We buy them assault weapons, tanks, heavy duty armor, give them a profit motive to harshly prosecute the drug war and steal the profits from the black market for themselves, and then give them complete immunity from mistakes they might make while kicking in your door, shooting your pets, sometimes you and your children.

    I don't want to live in a country where an 11 year old boy (Alberto Sepulveda) can be assassinated at point blank range by a cop who suffers no recourse.

    We have to stop this. Small towns with only a few thousand citizens should not be given tanks by the Federal government because they were lobbied by powerful defense contractors.
  • Beachbelly Girl NZ - Terrific starting pointGot this book after googling best guide book for Europe. We have travelled a bit but never to Europe and so far this book gives comprehensive advice for even the beginner traveller. It has everything you need to get you started and it concise and written with sprinkling of humour so you don't have a too dry a book.
    Rick also has a fantastic web page and videos and you tube which I would recommend looking at. I have gone on to buy his travel gear, more books, DVDs and maps. I think that says it all.