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  • Quynh - Works perfectly (for me) and some tipsMy entire family are long time Keurig machine users. I had a regular sized machine, the older mini, and now the mini plus. Added bonus is the cord has hidden storage in the back too! (If only it were retractable though) I wish Keurig would start making some fun colors! The Mini-Plus has been working perfectly for me and I love it.Based on some other bad comments/reviews I've seen on this product, I thought I'd offer some thoughts:

    -"It doesn't brew in under 2 minutes"- Yes, it does. Last night I brewed 2 cups of coffee and 2 cups of tea in under 10 minutes (that includes time for measuring water)

    -"It's too complicated/hard to measure the water." Not really. Fill your cup with room-temp water of how ever much liquid you want, aim to pour OVER/ON TOP of the measuring guides, with the cup/mug over the rest of the reservoir. I say that b/c that helps to avoid dribbles of water coming from your mug and making a mess on your counter. (if you do it that way, the dribbles will just drop into the reservoir)

    -"It doesn't brew the same amount of water I put in." So, you pour the water in and then lift the brewer handle to put in the K-cup. As you lift the brewer handle, you will hear the water draining into the brewer. You HAVE to wait until you hear all the water drain (it only takes a few seconds), if not then the original amount of water you poured in, will NOT brew!

    -"It clogs". I've never had this problem with any Keurig machine I've ever had. I think if one were to remove the used K-cup after you were done with it, that would help.

    -"It tastes like plastic."- Again, never had this problem, but when I use the machine for the first time out of the box, or after I haven't used it in a long time- I always do 1 flush of plain water through.
  • Michael Duke "rawkstar9" - Tremendous Gratitude for Transformative InformationI learned of this book from Truth Calkins, a remarkable guy that healed himself using Body Ecology Diet priniciples. He is truly insightful and can be seen on YouTube.

    The lifestyle changes recommended in the BED are not simply implemented by everyone. But with perserverence, the diet can truly transform your health, and therefore your life, for the better. It definately has for me. I work in a health food store and have recommended many of the BED principles to customers who have visited many doctors to no avail and are looking for something that really works. They not only feel the difference but express tremendous gratitude for this valuable information.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever taken a course of antibiotics, suffers from fatigue or lack of energy for no apparent reason, dark under-eye circles possibly due to adrenal problems, among many other symptoms.

    Additionally, I recommend David Webster's book, Achieve Maximum Health: Colon Flora the Missing Link in Immunity, Health & Longevity to anyone looking to dig deeper into establishing a healthy inner balance of microflora.

    Never stop searching, and have the best day ever. Cheers to achieving radiant health!
  • RAFTER - Easy to use. Highly recommend.There are a lot of reviews claiming you don't get many liters of water with one co2 tank. I did a tally with our first co2 tank and got 61 liters, the company claims it is 60 liters so it is very accurate.

    Have a spare co2 tank handy because there is no way to tell how much is left.

    I would highly recommend this if you are tired if lugging around sparkling water from the store, then home, then the bottles to the bottle depot, then back to the store to buy more.