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  • Tank-n-Spank - Overall a good buyI've picked this up on release night and was glued to it for about 6 weeks. Now, 2 months in, it's still an enjoyable game to play for a few hours a week. It'll probably be a game I'll be going back to again and again as slaughtering the mobs is very fun.

    The RMAH is a great addition. It's not worth farming just to sell (a min wage job will make you more money in a month), but just selling loot I didn't need and old items I've made back the purchase price several times over (basically having fun in this game paid for my GW2 box, Rift & WoW subs through the end of the year and about $150 leftover)

    The good:
    - Combat is smooth and feels good to mow through hordes of mobs
    - Good storyline (Great act 1&4, decent acts 2&3)
    - Will keep you hooked for at least 1 month of gameplay
    - Grouping and multiplayer is not required but supported up to 4 people
    - RMAH makes it possible to sell gear you don't need for up to $250/item
    - Flexible builds with no reset costs or need to reroll
    - The rush of looting a great item is immense because great items are insanely rare
    - Typical action-fantasy classes
    - The game flows well and has eliminated a lot of the out-of-combat tedium (picking up gold, searching for crafting recipes out-of-game, trading on outside forums, etc)
    - No Bind on pickup / Bind on equip, you can resell your old gear

    The bad:
    - Some of the act 2&3 villains are fairly obvious
    - Difficulty of elite mobs in Inferno can vary wildly
    - Harder difficulties are just a repeat of the same content as the first time through the game
    - Gold spam in general chat
    - Community is full of complainers who seem to expect that this was an MMO game they would play for months/years
    - Only 5 classes
    - No stat customization
  • BEB - Align really worksI bought this for my 88 year old mother-in-law. She has been having a lot of digestive problems and her doctor recommended this. After only one week she noticed a big improvement. She hasn't had any "tummy troubles" since she started taking this.
  • Sherman - Tagg pet tracking deviceI highly recommend this product!
    We went on our annual dog boating vacation, and had the piece of mind knowing if our dogs would run away, or maybe even swim away, that we wouldn't have any problems finding them.
    One thing that did happen, and now tagg has a solution for is, the tagg device can be knocked off the collar, which happened by our other dog while playing, but sure enough it alerted us on our smart phone that it was detached. Didn't have to wonder where it fell off, because it tracked us right to the device, and this was the following day.
    They just recently added, that I can monitor my dogs activity during the day, and make sure they get enough exercise to live a healthier and longer life, who wouldn't want that?
    So overall I would suggest any dog lovers or even cat lovers to get this product, you can't go wrong.
  • robert b. - Great wireless speakerlast year when we went on a family vacation, someone had one of the "top of the line" blutooth speakers. I was amazed at the sound,
    but after finding out the cost, I was a little less appreciative. Later that year my wife wanted to get me something for my anniversary and
    I requested a wireless speaker to use with my Apple products. I started reasearching and came across a review for this speaker. I went to a consumer reporing site, and this speaker was highly rated. There were many reviews and all were highly favorable for this speaker. My wife ordered it, an when I recieved it, it is amazing. Great sound for such a small device. Whether sitting on the patio, or working in my office, the TDK delivers wonderful sound and is everything I was looking for in a wireless speaker. Highly recommend.