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  • Amazon Customer "icepick" - My humble opinionYou know.... I listened to all the people who wrote a review for the banana slicer. THEY SAID it was the best invention around! THEY SAID you can't do without it! THEY SAID it would solve all of life's problems.I listened to them, and I bought my wife one of these to celebrate our 20th anniversary, and I told her I'm bananas over her. I'm single now.Thanks a lot, everyone! But.... what the heck.... I'm gonna give it 5 stars anyway.
  • Laura "IvyLeagueTiger" - If you do it right, the product really worksI found this product to have worked really well for me. I had one plantear wart on my foot that over the course of a year got very large and then spread to make about10-15 other warts on the same foot. When I saw another wart on my other foot, I knew I had to do something about it. I used this, and they are all gone now and my skin looks back to normal. Some tips I have are:

    1)You WILL most likely need to re-apply multiple times for the wart to be gone. It took me about 5 times, for them to all disappear. In addition, the package recommends 1 treatment every 4 weeks or something like that, but I did a treatment every 1.5 weeks, and that seemed to work great with no side effects.

    2) Before I did the freeze off treatment, I would exfoliate the area as best I could and then wait a day and do the treatment. I felt like that exposed the affected area well and made it more responsive to treatment.

    3) The application sticks are quite large, so If youre using them for tiny warts on the face or body, you have to be quite careful not to burn surrounding skin which may scar. However, If youre using the product on the palm of your hand or the bottom of your foot, I wouldnt worry as much because that skin is pretty resilient. Although at first when the wart healed, I had little indentations of dead skin, they eventually smoothed out and look completely normal

    Hopefully this helps. I know my doctor was testing out a freeze-off treatment like this for warts as a backup in case their nitrogen tanks fail/are empty. So this kind of thing is getting into mainstream healthcare, so I wouldnt write it off. With a little work, it will save you a few bucks and the time it takes to go to the doctor.