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  • Laurence Howe - Great value for your money!As a navigation instrument, this is great value for your money. My only grouse is that the lifetime updates is only for the map that is resident in the machine and not the map on the SD card. Having to buy a new SD card with the map of a country you are visiting that cannot be updated don't seem to make sense. Other than that, it's still one of the best GPS money can buy.
  • LB "lorie" - AmazingThis product is amazing. It grows edible gardens with minimum care and absolutely no soil. I planted my salad greens garden on Dec. 4. Within 2-3 days the seeds begin to sprout; in exactly 26 days I was eating salad grown on my kitchen counter. The only "gardening" I have had to do was add nutrient tablets a couple of times, add water (twice a week since the plants have matured)and raise and lower the lamp as needed. Setting this up was as simple as popping in two light bulbs, attaching a lamp shade, filling a bowl with water and dropping pre-planted seeds into holes. My kindergarten age kids are just as excited as I. My 5 year old niece exclaimed on her last visit, "Wow! That plant is really getting big!" I harvest about 2 salads every other day and pick lettuce for sandwiches daily. All you need for sucess is to follow the directions that come with the garden. I highly recommend this product. I have already given it as a gift, and I am considering buying another so that I have herbs and lettuce growing in my kitchen at the same time. Who needs to worry about e-coli?
  • Jill Dennison - I Love My Kindle!!!I received a Kindle from my daughter for Christmas and after 1 week I have to say that I love my Kindle! I don't know how I lived without it before! It is easy on the eyes, I can have many books with me at all times, small and lightweight, and I can download a new book, magazine or newspaper in a matter of seconds at a fraction of the cost for a physical book. I can leave one book to read another and Kindle remembers where I left off. I can bookmark content for future reference. It is the most amazing device I have come across in years! Thank you Amazon and thank you Chris!!!
  • ceventatem - Quite agreeable, indeed.A single woman, in possession of good sense, must be want for pink plastic pen.

    Gentle consumer, take heed! A Frenchman, a Mr. BIC, has captured my fancy with his desirable writing sticks. Firm in my hand, easy on my eyes; they doth please all the senses. I daresay I find these pens quite agreeable.

    My erstwhile endeavors to transcribe my thoughts have gone awry of late. Hastening to use instruments too small, too rigid or (Excuse me, Father.) too dark have hindered my womanly pursuits. No more! A clever and subjective design precludes what, I can assure you, is a delightful feminine experience.

    I expect I shall delight in these pens all summer, sending Mr. BIC notes of thank you on perfumed stationary and delighting in the wanton way his product feels in my palm.
  • Deborah Bernhardt - for the 47% making 77%Although the well-known TrapHer-KeepHer is the gold standard for binders, this product is highly recommended for the 47% of Americans who may not be able to afford the more costly product.

    When you're getting paid $0.77 on the $1.00, you have to just say no to big spending, and shut that whole thing down by investing in an economy binder.

    Best of all, since we know you are in it for the ring: this binder has THREE!