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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Joan Burton - So far so good...I have been using this for about two weeks and it has really helped. I am 52 and have been going through menopause for over ten years. Bloating and stomach issues are not only a problem with age but it's a symptom of menopause. I wish I would have tried this a long time ago. I rather take a capsule then buying a ton of probiotic yogurt. This is cheaper and easier. I highly recommend and will buy again.
  • Paula - Automatic delivery is greatThis was recommended to my daughter and my Mom by their gastroenterologist and works beautifully, but I found they weren't always keeping up with buying it at a drugstore because of the inconvenience and expense. Thus, they were missing doses. Not good. So I checked out the availability on Amazon and found that Amazon's already discounted price was great, but putting it on the automatic delivery schedule further reduced the price and took care of two problems at once. Now they are saving money and they never run out.
  • Diane Wilen - Loved this book!I'd read 'The Killer Angels' three times and didn't think anything could top it, but this one is every bit as good, if not better. I found I couldn't put it down. It seems to have been much better researched than 'Killer Angels' was and it isn't just another Gettysburg story. It focuses on people who don't get a lot of space in other books and it's inspired me to do more research on those people. 'Cain at Gettysburg' is a lot more realistic than 'Killer Angels', the participants are a lot more real and I found myself understanding better how the various participants would have been thinking and why certain decisions were made. Little Round Top is barely mentioned in this book. Instead, Peters focuses on different aspects of the battle and on different participants. The two books really shouldn't be compared because they're totally different, and if you enjoyed 'Killer Angels', you'll absolutely love 'Cain at Gettysburg'. It's one of those can't put down once started books! I loved it!
  • Anohka - very happyi really enjoy this tablet. I had messed my brothers ipad before buying this and i have to say i am glad i went with this.
    things i liked
    *it has expandable memory via micro SD slot and a micro USB (ipads do not)
    *a micro HDMI so i can hook it up to my TV to read tiny things or just mess around
    *the camera on it is fantastic
    * It's processor allows it to take full advantage of my high speed internet.
    *The actual device is very easy to navigate (buttons)
    *Even though it only has a mono speaker, the sound is quite good
    *the touch screen does not feel like your pressing a bubble. It is smooth and responsive.

    things that aren't awful, but not awesome
    *It is basically a computer, and all computer do what they want instead of what you tell them to sometimes.
    *the metal on the back is VERY easily scratched.
    *the micro SD slot i don't think is the best design. I've had it fall out if i accidentally bump it. Granted this only happened once.

    I really haven't found anything i DON"T like about this. I am also not picky and i am patient so not a lot bothers me. I hope this review was helpful. I looked at A LOT of tablets before i came to rest at this one. I would recommend this tablet :)
  • Andrea Polk - Relatable and funnyIf you are finding yourself going out to the garage and wondering: 'What the hell am I doing here?' - this book's for you! Terribly funny, and all Billy Crystal, 'Still Foolin' Em: Where I've Been, Where I'm Going, and Where the Hell...' is for you.

    The chapters are short, and it's an easy book to pick up and read whenever you want a laugh. I found myself reading passages out loud to others and cracking myself up again and again. I think one of my favorite chapters relates to sex and aging, but frankly, they're all relatably funny for those 40+ who don't mind seeing a bit of themselves in the pages of the book.

    This would make a great gift for someone who's retiring, or simply feeling the confusion of lost youth where the mind is saying 'I can do that, but only if it's before 3:30pm because I have to be in bed by 8."