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  • momma_lamb - Awesome and what a relief for babies!!!This is a must have. It sucks the mucus right out, just like the machines in the pediatrician's office. Your baby/toddler/child will definitely breathe a lot easier after using this. And although it seems scary being attached to a vac, it really doesn't hurt the baby at all. All parents really need this product.
  • Janey - It can really grow the hairMy mom has front up baldness, I bought for her many times. It really works for her. Some weak and thin hair grow up from her scalp, and the hair dies easily,but better than nothing. It took about 4 months to disappear the baldness. And then she was satisfied and stop using for more than a year. Now the baldness started again, she tried to use again, but it didn't work out. She then went to see the doctor, the doctor gave her a medicine shampoo. She needs to wash everyday by the medicine shampoo, massage, and then apply Rogaine. Now it grows up again. The doctor said this week would be only wash twice a day. This product really works, just you need to have patience and have expectation that you need to use for a lifetime.
  • D. Osborne - Couldn't put it downI've always been fascinated with Jim Henson, and wondered why nobody had written a biography on him. Well, this book was worth the wait. Jones clearly did a ton of research and put it all together so beautifully. The book discusses his work (which really was his life; he was a workaholic but loved it so much), his family, his philosophy, glowing tributes and fond recollections from his many colleagues, family, and friends, and even delves a bit into his marital problems and a serious relationship he had with a younger woman. You know the ending is going to be sad, and I definitely shed a tear or two reading the final chapter. I would recommend this book to any Jim Henson fan.
  • JASON - More then expected.The room i have this placed is about 15x25. And the sound from this is absolutely perfect. For a 8" woofer you wouldn't expect alot boom and rumble, but it delivers. Keeping in mind it is a 8" , if you're looking to rattle some windows and irritate your neighbors this is not the sub for you. But for good sound, good price, and small easy to place enclosure then this is perfect.
    Also, it dose come with the sub to receiver cable. I had pre-purchased one, and promptly returned it.
  • Steve Manke "smanke" - The must have upgrade!Seriously, everyone should have two drives in their Mini. Make the boot drive an SSD and have an HDD for the secondary drive. If you didn't order that config direct from Apple, this kit is the only way to do it. And, even better, now you can configure your own Fusion Drive after adding the second drive to the Mini. I never thought a Mini would work as my main computer but thanks the the Data Doubler, it does the trick!