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  • GAIL ADAMS - The only thing that workedI tried every product out there for my son from tablets from the doctor to every wash out there and nothing worked. I saw this product and it guaranteed to clear his skin. Im in the uk and had to send to america.For it. Which made it more expensive but It did clear his skin and now his skin looks great So to me it was worth every penny
    beware thou This product will ruin any towel it touches
  • Nancy C. Thornburg - I love the tabletBut I've had some interesting interactions with tech support. One told me I couldn't download the Kies program because I have a 64 bit computer. The next tech said I could, too, download it but why bother anyway? One tech gave me a very convoluted approach to transferring photos and music from my PC to the tablet which involved going out and buying a microchip and using it as the "go between". The next tech showed me how to "drag and drop" photos and music from the PC to the table. So clearly Samsung needs to improve its tech support training. But otherwise I love the tablet.
  • H. Swanson - Best moisturizer everI can't express how much I love this product, everything about it, from the smooooth texture, to the smell (yes, I do actually love the smell), to the results! No other moisturizer works. A lot of people complain about the smell but really, it does grow on you and it has become a really comforting and relaxing smell to me. I have rosacea and acne prone skin and this helps sooth everything. It soaks in immediately and leaves my skin soft and plump! Won't go without it.
  • Dillyeo "jimmypop" - Saves moneyI've researched a lot of at home laser hair removal systems and decided that this one was the cheapest and most effective (in combination) for PERMANENT hair reduction. In all fairness, I haven't tried other at-home laser systems, but I HAVE tried the tria and I CAN say that in comparison to a professional laser hair removal treatment it is worth the money. I am not saying it's overall cheap, or as fast and powerful as a professional machine but when you compare driving to an office, paying for a session on several areas of the body, and waiting around for an appointment, the Tria no doubt saves money, (at least a thousand) and I would also say that it saves time as well. Especially for stray hairs or areas of the body that do not need full laser sessions because you can do a few here and there whenever on the go.

    A few years ago I purchased a package of unlimited underarm and leg laser hair removal within a two year time frame for what I remember was $1,650. I never finished my sessions because I moved so I had hair left in patches. I wanted to complete this as well as start my bikini area without spending too much money so my alternative was to just go to individual sessions when offices are providing "deals". When I had my professional treatment, I remember two to three sessions that I felt were completely ineffective because the technicians did not turn up the heat enough or they did not overlap the stubborn hairs, so I felt it was a little bit of a gamble on what kind of technician I would get at a new office.

    I have been using the Tria for two months and I am VERY happy with the results. I do have to add that I am an ideal candidate for laser hair removal. I will edit this review in a few months if I find that this hair removal is not permanent, but so far, it appears to have worked on some stray left-over leg hairs and belly hairs, as well as AMAZINGLY on my underarms, bikini and closer to my inward area which I would certainly NOT feel comfortable going to an office for. I know that Tria states not to use on certain areas but in consideration that office laser hair removal equipment using the same technology target those areas with no problem I tried some of those with no problem.

    All of this, in only ONE session, for my legs, feet, underarms, belly (only have like 10 hairs that I do not like there) and bikini/xxx area along with any additional unwanted stray body hairs, would have cost me at least $400 at an office. Offices do not take into account how little or much hair you have in area, they will charge the same amount, so for a few stray hairs on my belly, it would cost me the same as if I were to receive a full session. This is well worth the money, I have already had my $400 money's worth in the tria and an addition three sessions in, worth $400 x 4 = $1600.

    The cons: Slow to use, painful, difficult, time-consuming
    ( If you are overlapping: Underarm area can take an hour, Bikini area 45 minutes, legs an hour or more depending on how hairy)
    Recommendations to make it work:
    Keep in mind that if you want the laser to work, then it is going to HURT, same as professional treatment would. I'm not saying to burn your skin, but you do want those hairs zapped/burned off. Turn it up to the highest setting (provided you know they will not burn your skin). Only settings 4 or 5 will completely destroy a hair follicle while lower settings will only damage it. Sometimes a hair needs to be damaged and thinned out before treating again, otherwise the pain will be unbearable, even with pain killers, so the lower settings are effective for thinning hair out.
    TAKE A PAIN MED: Take a Tylenol or numbing cream because when you do your own laser hair removal yourself, you automatically react to what feels like a few rubber-bands being slapped onto your sensitive skin so it makes you jerk the laser away (which makes it ineffective if it is not pressing up against you skin.)
    OVERLAP (most important): Overlap not just once, but four to five times for complete hair removal. Tria is not as powerful as a professional laser machine, however, most professionals do not turn up to the highest settings because they do not want to get sued for burning a client's skin. To make up for half the power, overlapping will be sufficient because for thicker hairs, it will target them at slightly different angles. This should hurt EVERY time, otherwise you are not hitting the hair follicle. Overlapping ensures that you are not just partially damaging the hair follicle to make it thinner (which will be a harder to target later on) but ensures that you are COMPLETELY destroying the hair follicle.

    I lay the head of my Tria on ice for more tanned parts of me, like my legs. Or I ice my legs. Professional laser systems have a head that automatically ices over to protect skin and further target ONLY the hair follicle. I am sure Tria would not recommend laying the head part that you will be touching over your skin on ice, but for more tanned parts of the body that I want to turn up to the highest setting for hair, this works!

    Good luck and if it doesn't work you can always return it within 90 days. So far, on my Bikini area, never treated before, after four sessions, I have a %40 hair reduction. The thinner and less hair I have, I am sure the harder it will be to get the last hairs, but this is WELL WORTH the money and that is the main basis for my 5 star review. You will save a LOT of money if it works. While you might waste time if it doesn't work, had you gone professional and it didn't work, you would be losing both time and money with no refunds.