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  • Patscats - Magical Butter 2This machine makes the creation of herbal concoctions so of the best purchases ever, and it is entertaining while it works! It puts on a light show while working and lets you know when it is done. Custom settings for butter, oil or tinctures.
    Be aware that the smallest batch you can make is 2 cups so if you want to make smaller batches this is too big as the machine is designed to make from 2 to 5 cups of product.
  • Ray H - ASUS Transformer Prime with KeyboardThis is positively a great product. I bought the ASUS Transformer Prime, Keyboard (sold separately,)and a leather portfolio case (Bluecell). All are excellant.
    I originally bought the ASUS for a friend who is vision impaired so that she could read the newspaper more easily (needs large print). The ASUS is serving that purpose well although it did take an e-mail to the local newspaperpaper requesting support for an Android Tablet. If you use, do not download their Application - it is for Android cell phones and isn't at all helpful for the Android Tablet. Just use their main website which now works well on Android Tablet. Their support is very good; I received an almost instant response. They have provided any necessary adjustments to their website that was necessary to accomodate the Android Tablet (Thanks
    Additionally, I have found the Transformer Prime WiFi to have limited range and needed to install a CISCO RE1000 which easily eliminated that problem. I also found the GPS receiver to be less signal sensitive than I expected and requested a bongle (supplied free for the asking from ASUS) which arrived about a week after I registered the Transformer.
    One additional issue - I thought I understood all I needed to watch streaming baseball games on MLB.COM was Adobe Flash and an MLB.COM subscription; but that isn't correct. The Android version of Adobe Flash is not the same as Adobe Flash for the PC. I'm more than a bit disappointed about that, but that is not a problem with the ASUS Tablet.
    Having these "side" issues I have no problem assigning a 5 Star rating to the product. From the time you remove the product out of the shipping packaging everything says "quality", and the product was well packed for shipment too - Thanks AMAZON supplier.
  • kimberly prkeli - I love my tablet.Love my tablet!! It has the purfect screen and setup. I use this all day, every day. Much better than my laptop that is bulky and over heats. Perfect for web surfing, facebook, e-mail, games and other apps, great reader and was a great value. Better than the apple products price. I-pad doesn't have a sd card slog either.
  • Mathew Ballard - You Fools are IdiotsSpore is a fantastic game! The DRM is not an issue and those of you complaining about it need to get over it. Are you really going to be installing it on three or more machines anyways? It shouldn't matter unless your someone who wants to play on four computers, and I'm 99.9% sure no one here is.
  • DiMarzio "DiMarzio" - Are you all crazy?Ok, to be honest, I really don't care what this album is about as much as how much musical genius was put into it. I have been reading the reviews and see people using the words asinine and redudant. What the hell are you talking about? This isn't a book you moron. Why would you use such words when you do not have a clue what you are talking about? This whole album was written by a band, who as far as I know, had little if any musical theory background. And they wrote this? Are you kidding me? Gilmour plays with outstanding feeling, he does'nt have the best chops, but this whole band can write some absolutely amazing songs. What really got me into this cd was the song "The Trial", the whole composition and arrangement of the song is amazing. It can even be really trippy when you are high. Not to mention "Goodbye Blue Sky", the songs progression movies from major chords to minor chords giving it an even darker feel. This is one of the best bands ever, with such an overwhelming amount of talent. Everything on it is amazing, and can be really laid back at times with an almost scary feeling. Get this cd if you like progressive rock or any kind of psychodelic music with actual talent. This is the kind of band that Bach, Mozart, or Pagini would be listening to if they were alive today. And the cd gets better the more you listen to it, becuase I actually didn't like it very much as first. So do yourself a favor, and buy this cd. You won't regret it.