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  • Susanne Schuler - Bring up your bodies - What if Thomas Cromwell would have chosen mediation instead of this dramatic trial....?A great read. I learned a lot about strategic influencing, power, conflict management (?), history and I found it very intriguing to see the historical events through the eyes of one of the main protagonists of the time.
    What if Thomas Cromwell would have chosen mediation to solve this delicate situation? What a boring story this would have been and Hilary Mantel would have had no story to write about.

    We read this book in our local reading group and had a long and intense debate about the book regarding style, perspective and how the story is told. Our conclusion is that it is indeed a great "ouevre" and we are looking forward to the 3rd part of this trilogy.
  • K. Dionisio "Simply Me" - A pill to better regularityI use this product whenever I feel irregular or bloated. The first time you use it, give it a week, then you'll notice smoother stools.

    Before I travel or if I get sick, I sometimes take 2 pills. This helps to keep bad bacteria out.

    Easy pill to pop
    Made my bowel movements easier

    Taking it the first time, took at least a week to see results