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  • Angel4utwo "Angel4utwo" - Am very happyI was told by a family member to try this out. So I did purchase the scent I wanted. So today was the first day I used it by how to do via the directions on the bottle. This is the best product. My hair wasn't tangled like it normally is when I am done. Instead my hair brush glided nicely thru my hair and this product has left my hair so nice and soft. Cannot wait to purchase another bottle!
  • Theresa M. Studer "Terra57" - So much easier than I expected.I can tell you right now that I really really like this product. I admit I was a bit leary as I'm not really all that savey with these computer items but this was a piece of cake and just was the pc doctor ordered.

    1. The easy setup was a no brainer. Gives picture directions too for people like me that don't always get the just of what to do with just a word explanation.

    2. The entire running of this is dummy proof so you don't need to go buy a book on this for dummies. :)

    3. Has a picture of a cloud that will give you all you need in a cloud of information. Super duper easy.

    4. I was able to save all the files I had currently on my laptop and with tons of space left. I do genealogy and that is the only thing my laptop is used for so this is a must have.

    5. All the directions come in pictures for ease of the use for the installation of this hard drive.

    6. It allows you to create a backup plan that is convient for you.

    7. The hard drive seperates from the connection for security purposes. This I found excellent because if someone happens to get ahold of your hard drive they can't access it without the proper connection. YAY!

    8. They silence is golden and this product is about as silent as they come. You don't hear anything in the running of it.

    9. The hard drive is palm size which makes it easy to cart about in your purse of to hold it while using it. Really is a great size for on the go people that need to backup everything.

    All in all this is one of the better investments one could make in today's society. In my case with the genealogy it makes it so much easier than having multiple discs laying around and that might get scratched and then where would I be. I think you will find this is a very sound investment that you will thank yourself for when you happen along a virus and need to reinstall or even get another computer and transfer your info.
  • Kaspasia - Perfect for my long ball hitter!My son saw this in an Eastbay catalog and wanted it. He plays baseball at a very high level so he needs the best equipment but we're not as wealthy as some of his AAU team mates which can present a challenge. Thank goodness for the internet! Between Ebay and Amazon I've been able to get him top of the line equipment at rock bottom prices! It's been a life saver.
  • Twinsmom - 44 Years After the Moon LandingSurely the world's greatest minds and scientists (men of course) have been working on this for decades and - at last!! An instrument of freedom. I can't wait for some strong man to order it for me, so when it arrives I can spend my days drawing unicorns and ponies and swirls and practicing my signature "Mrs. George Clooney" - too dreamy!!
  • Jim B - Very Pleased.For almost 1 1/2 months, I delayed buying this item because of discontent on some technical sites. The reviews had me concerned about the wifi, GPS, and a variety of quality control issues. After one week of use, I'm happy to say all my concern was for naught. This is a great tablet. The display is crisp and clear. The wifi is equal to other systems in my house. The GPS (even though ASUS no longer includes it in their specs) locates me within 10 meters of where I actually am. I have no complaints about any aspect of the device. I'm very pleased.