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  • Patricia A. Sanders "Patty Sanders" - Have always Loved QuickbooksI have been using Intuit Products since they were just Quicken. We run a 1.4 million automotive repair business using the accounting portion of Quickbooks Pro including a/payable, a/receivable & in house payroll. In all those years I have never had to phone QB with a complaint of the software not working properly. I am a very happy QB software user.
  • the best game I ever had - awesomeBest app I ever had since 2010 git it now don't turn your back on it I try to git it on my phone to much Mb for but now I Got it on tablet I'M JUST PLAYEN 24/7
  • Mom of 3 "sue" - YES..... OH YES!OK....I bought this item a year ago and immediately stored it away with the many different bottles for the "future". The other day one of my sons came up from the basement after "being nosey" with it and said hey Mom...let's open this. They LOVED IT! Had I known it would be such a BIG success with the kids from 15 years to 37 years old (Yep...I had a menopausal baby), I would have shown it to them sooner. Looks like I am buying some Sodastreams for the kids who have their own homes for Christmas. I HIGHLY recommend this for ALL ages....I think it's awesome too!
  • PARADOC_PAULIE - MOST DETAILED TRAVEL BOOK I EVER BOUGHTI got this book, and some maps,for my wife as she was travelling to London and Paris.
    Before she took the book with her-I began reading it, continued until I was done!-It was about the same as being there!Rick Steves not only knows all the "typical" tourist things, but more importantly,all those things you'd never get to-because most other books don't write about them.
    As I read through the book, I was impressed with all of the information and even more impressed by how it was written..........
    I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is going overseas.Per my wife, it proved to be an "invaluable travel companion".