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  • Allen Smalling "Eclectic Reader," - CIA WORLD HANDBOOK 2013I just received my new CIA WORLD FACTBOOK 2013 and am happy to say it is everything prior reviewers have said about the 2012 version. An info freak's delight, this book in its 922 pages (not 960, as the Product Info. states) gives wonderfully detailed information about every nation in the world, even jurisdictions too small or politically compromised to have made it to the 2012 London Olympics. We learn not only the "World Almanac" type of basic facts like location, language and religion but also receive a brief typology of climate, how the nation came to be politically, "Political Parties and Leaders," "Political Pressure Groups and Leaders," what international organizations the country belongs to, what kind of diplomatic relations it has with the USA, an explanation of how the executive, legislative and judicial branches work, and a nearly exhaustive breakout of economics -- even where each country rates overall in terms of cell phone usage and paved airport runways.

    Is there any other one-volume reference work so detailed? Not at this price, not that I know of. A couple of remarks: as prior reviewers have noted, the maps are perfunctory at best: muddy, black-and-white drawings that seem to have been photo-reduced from more useful cartography. Also, since the CIA is funded (one hopes) mainly by U.S. taxpayers, why was this volume printed in Canada?
  • Jodi Chapters "Chapters and Chats" - A Story With HeartWho Asked You?

    You may recognize Terry McMillan as the author who has written several novels that have been turned into movies. We all laughed and cried while watching "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" and "Waiting to Exhale." Her new novel "Who Asked You?" will again have your emotions running the gambit.

    This is a fiction with heart. The circle of friends and family is both supportive and highly dysfunctional at the same time and I'm pretty sure we all know a family, or are a family, that resembles the one in this book, and that is what brings "Who Asked You?" into the real world.

    Betty Jean (BJ), Arlene and Venetia are three sisters living very different lives. Betty is the unchallenged family matriarch, the glue that binds the family. Married with three children; Quentin, the oldest is a chiropractor blowing through relationships and wives living in an upscale neighborhood, and ashamed of his family roots. Dexter is the middle child. He's in prison for a crime he won't take responsibility for, and Trinetta the youngest child; a single drug addicted mother of three.

    When Trinetta drops her sons Luther and Ricky off with BJ for what is supposed to be for a week and ends up being several years, BJ's sisters Arlene and Venetia have no trouble giving their opinions on how to raise the boys and in fact, pretty much how to live her life although both are struggling with their own lives.

    The cast of characters is rounded out with Venetia's newly outed gay son, Arlene's philandering husband and BJ's husband who is debilitated with Alzheimer's and her neighbor and longtime friend Tammy. All of McMillan's characters are well developed with each their quirks and traits are revealed one layer at a time giving more depth and allowing the reader to connect.

    The plot is well laid out however it feels a little rushed toward the end of the book. With moments of hilarity and heartbreak, the story is truly engaging and makes for a read you won't want to put down.

    Bottom line: pick up the book for yourself and another copy or two as gifts for your friends. "Who Asked You?" is a book that should be one everyone's fall reading list.

    Hardcover Edition: ISBN: 978-0-670-785698, 400 pages, $27.95

    Disclaimer: The ARC of this book was given to me by Viking div of Penguin Publishing in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
  • Laura "reader" - worked for my chronic nauseaI had chronic nausea for a few years. I had several tests and examinations but never could find out what was causing it. I practically lived on ginger and other anti-nausea aids, including prescriptions, but always got minimal relief.

    Then one day I read a review of Align by someone who wrote that Align cured her chronic nausea; so I gave it a try. Sure enough, since taking Align, I have had no nausea at all! Great product, from my experience, for chronic nausea sufferers.
  • Maria Suggett - Amazing nutritional plan!Four years ago I had a mild brain hemorrhage that left my hypothalamus damaged. Always slender, suddenly I packed on a great deal of weight. No diet nor countless hours of daily exercise did any good. Until I heard about this plan. In four weeks, my "fat clothes" are hanging on me!

    While I am finishing my fourth week, I can't see myself ever going back to my old habits of caffeine and candy intake. No one I know believes I am off of both substances, but I am!

    Phase II is admittedly a little rough after two days of yummy carbs and fruit, but you have Phase III to look forward to! I need to get more creative with my meals if I am going to adopt this as a lifestyle.,

    I am grateful to my friends for telling me about this, and to Haylie for creating the book! To great health!!
  • Nicolle - No problems here...I know a lot of people have had problems with this game. I haven't experienced any of the headache that they have about it yet. I played for 8 hours straight yesterday and only had one time that the server was unavailable and it reconnected before the game was kicked off. I haven't run into any of the bugs in the game either. Maybe I waited long enough for them to patch most of them. I don't doubt that I'll run into issues is an EA game after all. The unfortunate thing with a never ending, always evolving game is that with every evolution comes new bugs to patch. I think as long as you are patent with the game and updates you should be fine. I really enjoy playing the game....I do tend to hog all the cities in the region though :)