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  • Tom Anderson - Breaking Down the Walls of Modern MusicOne of the most brilliant albums of all time, The Wall re-enforces the far more guitar driven Floyd of Animals. As with most double albums, the first disc is much heavier and contains brilliant songs like In the Flesh, the Another Brick in the Wall trilogy, Young Lust, and Don't Leave Me Now. It does not outshine the second disc however, which contains brilliant ballads such as Hey You, Is There Anybody Out There, Comfortably Numb, and Run Like Hell. This was the last Pink Floyd album in which Roger Waters and David Gilmour were partners in crime and it's an amazing listen. The Wall is a little over eighty minutes of the late-seventies/early-eighties progressive rock Pink Floyd is known for. This is no Dark Side of the Moon or Wish You Were Here. This is the hard rock album that would most likely influence not only the progressive alterntive rock movements of the nineties (Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead) but the gothic industrial movement as well (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson).
  • Godsballs - Putting the Christmas back into ChristmasI've had problems with erectile dysfunction for years, but one read of Ms Palins go-get-em defence of good old patriotic Christmas values soon had me more virile than a stag on stag viagra or whatever it is they eat in Canada. The headboard got so out of whack I had to buy a book on woodwork, which while interesting in itself, offered no help in the bedroom department.

    So thank you Ms Palin, thank you. Not only will we be celebrating your kind of Christmas this year, but I'll be reading it again and again during our weekly nuptials because its frankly more interesting than the back of my wife's head.

    The perfect sticking filler. And the book is great too.