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  • harold presley - Outstanding conceptI have 4 and 3 year old daughters. The have been facinated with my Kindle Fire tablet. This was designed just for the. I didn't have to buy 2. It allows me to set up profiles for the both of the. The apps and ebooks keep them occupied as they learn. I don't have to be concerned to them accessing internet content not suitable fror their age. It's great that as a parent I can keep track of their learning progress online. I recommend this product for all parents for their children.
  • RandomK - Slick TabletJaw dropping performance, decent battery life (absolutely unmatched if using the dock), removable storage, HDMI out, ICS, and one of the best tablet screens around. Went to this from a TF101 (another great tablet) and it was a solid upgrade. It cannot be overstated just how much ICS improves upon prior Android versions. It's like the difference between Windows 95 and Windows 7, so if you've tried Android in the past and found it lacking in polish it's time for another look. This thing is Sexy with a capital S. Don't be a sheep, try this baby out and you will never look back.

    I haven't had any GPS issues, though many have reported problems. Asus has said they are working to correct the issue, and I would take their word for it given my experience with their other products (laptops, desktop and server motherboards, etc). That said, if GPS is critical to your selection in a tablet I would probably look elsewhere, as I don't expect the TF201 will ever be perfect in this regard. More Tegra 3 tablets will be available soon, or you could borrow your grandparent's iPad.
  • Katie - This book is great!I love this book to death. It gives you SAT-specific tools and techniques for knowing which questions are worth answering, figuring out tricky questions, setting goals, and much more, all in a fun and easy-to-read format. If you are thinking about buying this book, you might want to keep these things in mind (I was a bit surprised when I got my book and started reading!):

    - This book is huge (768 big pages). However, it is by no means difficult reading -- I got to page 150 in about a day! However, it weighs kind of a lot if you are planning on carrying it around.
    - This book uses a very non-traditional approach. Rather than just teaching you grammar, math, or writing, it teaches you how to use the process of elimination, or POE, and a principle that they call the Joe Bloggs principle, which states that hard questions can't have an obvious answer (the answer that your average student, Joe Bloggs, would chose).
    - Don't worry if you've done poorly on the SAT before -- this book will teach you what you need to know! It turns out that on the SAT you don't really need to know too much about grammar. The book give gives you a huge "hit parade" of words for the SAT, so vocabulary is covered, and the math section begins by teaching you the very basics.
    - This book is written in a very palatable style. The authors of this book knew their audience -- high school students. Because of this, you feel like you're speaking with someone you know. It uses plenty of colloquial speech, and practically anyone with a brain could follow along with only a little bit of effort.

    This book is definitely worth the money, and I would be lost studying for the SAT without it!
  • William Robertson II "WRob" - An all-around good external HDDWhat can I say? It's 3 TB, USB 3.0, and it runs well.

    I haven't tried the included Seagate programs, but they're easily deleted if you don't like them and if you do...well awesome! The drive itself did have one problem, though:

    I was unable to access anything on the drive, mounting was unsuccessful on any OS or device that I tried, and the drive was generally unresponsive. I searched around a lot, especially on Seagate's website, and got nothing that worked. Finally, I called the company and spoke with a representative who suggested simply removing the bottom (the area into which the USB cable is inserted) and reattaching it. Embarrassingly, that was the problem...the ol' NES take-it-out-and-blow-on-it trick. At least I can say that the customer support was fairly good, pleasant, and didn't take too long to wade through.

    Also, a stand would be nice. I have a similarly-sized (physical size, not storage capacity) WD drive with a nice rubberized bottom that stands very nicely on my desk, but I've knocked this thing over countless times during my ownership of it. No damage, but it's still both annoying and nerve-wracking every time it happens.
  • westend1 - Sad to see the haters are out in full forceThis is an excellent book and an education in domestic violence and addresses the baffling issue that perplexes many of us: why do women stay or go back over and over again? Good for you for writing this educational book. It is sad to see that your ratings (which were high before you defended Jodi Arias), are now plummeting. There is a personal attack by a vicious online group of people who think it is OK to try to ruin an expert witness because they do not agree with you. Its shameful and I hope buyers will look past this hateful attack-its as if they are taking out their feelings about Jodi on you. Please don't let them and keep on keeping on. I don't see how doing this is honouring the death of such a fine individual- Travis Alexander and doubt he would want his to happen to anyone.I am qualified to write this review because I am a psychologist and I know that what you are explaining in your book is true of domestic violence.