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  • JRich - Quicken 2012 is Awesome / Not sure why others don't likeI recently upgraded from quicken 2009. While 2012 is not an entirely new re-write of the program (you don't need to re-write the basic functionality, which works fine) it has a number of changes that are nice.

    1) Greatly improved Graphic interface
    2) Vastly superior handling of budget
    3) Vastly superior handling of debt reduction program
    4) Superior categorizing search and transaction matching
    5) Seems to work faster than 2009
    6) Handling of file structure is better with one file for your data
    7) Improved spending charting
    8) Transaction filtering with criteria pick boxes and count total at the bottom of the screen

    All in all, very glad I made the upgrade, and enjoy using 2012. It is sad to have to upgrade every three years, but I love what Quicken does, and there is nothing else out there that does it as well.

    Good job to Inuit for keeping the program fresh and making improvements. I will continue to be a Quicken user and am willing to pay for quality software.
  • California girl - Saved me from group b strep nightmare!I had been struggling with itchiness for months. My hormones are off due to breastfeeding, which alters the vaginal pH and a culture came back as Group B Strep, which doctors won't treat because it is a naturally occurring vaginal flora. Well it's also a super irritating flora! I had tried: garlic, internal and external, GSE internal and external, ACV internal and external, washing with only water, douching (which is not recommended but I was desperate), not douching, wearing no underwear, using allergy free laundry detergent, taking an assortment of vitamins. Nothing worked. After about a week of daily use the itchiness was gone. I have found that it must be used daily, except when I'm menstruating, or the itch returns, but it has improved my sanity a bunch. It's kind of a bummer that my vag has now become an item on my daily list of chores to attend to, but no one ever said womanhood was easy. As an aside I also rub a little coconut oil down there after getting out of the shower and that has helped immensely with dryness and itchiness as well. The combo of the two has worked wonders and I wanted other women who may be struggling with similar issues to know that there is relief.
  • Donboy - Out of the box and into your heartThey had just arrived after waiting for the back order, but after reading so many good reviews for the A33's I was willing to wait. And then - just a week longer.
    Within 2 minutes out of the box the speaker began filling the room (and my heart) with the sharp, clear, highs and lows of refreshing music!!
    I agree with the others, I'm most impressed with these little black boxes and would highly recommend them to anyone!!
  • boeser14 - Great book with good practical advice!For myself and so many people I know that work average American jobs and attend church regularly, this book is a wake up call. I wouldn't recommend this to a light-hearted Christian, or a new Christian. However, there are so many people I know that consider themselves Christians and aren't seeing a transformation in their lives. I keep hearing the statement over and over, "I go to church, but I feel like I could be doing more." I feel that this book tackles that issue head on. And a little disclaimer, the first half of the book is going to make you feel terrible! (As it did for me). It's very convicting, but stick with it because the final chapters offer 5 practices to adopt in your life that will turn it all around. And it's all very practical and do-able advice before you go and sell your house and move to Africa (although it may turn into that eventually :)
    This book is well written and David Platt's views on how following Jesus may not look exactly like our American churches methods of growth in numbers, big business, up-and-to-the-right mentality.
    I found myself sharing this book with small group bible-studies, and church groups the like, and if anything in this review clicks with you, I would recommend it to you too.
  • Jean Parmesan - CEOs of the world unite...If you think about it, one of the few areas of your life that you can control is your finances. You are the CEO of your own household whether you agree to take an active role or not. I find this both empowering and challenging at the same time. How much am I worth? How much am I making? Am I appropriately diversified? Where do I want to be? How can I get there? These are the big questions in our financial lives.

    As a CPA, I can testify that answering these questions can be pure drudgery. Quicken can't provide the answers (nobody can), but for the mere sum of $40, it will help you get there as efficiently as possible. This is nothing short of miraculous.

    I recently upgraded from Quicken 2000 (not a typo) and (wow!) the software has truly evolved over the past 10+ years. Reconciling accounts, generating financial statements and determining where you are and where you want to be financially has never been easier.


    1. Getting to the big questions. Budget vs. actuals, net worth, earnings statements, investment analysis. Obtaining and updating a set of core financial statements is very easy. This frees up time to ponder the really big financial questions.

    2. Download/reconcile at the click of a button. One click is all it takes to download transactions and reconcile your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages and 401k plans. It sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. The drudgery of downloading or manually entering transactions is finally gone, freeing up time for more important decision making.

    3. Flexibility. The software is flexible. Create your own chart of accounts, financial statements, and budgets with minimal work.

    4. Conversion. Upgrading from Quicken 2000 was much easier than I thought it would be. There is a learning curve and it took a little time to get everything up and running, but the process went much more quickly than anticipated.

    5. Snapshots. The home screen is fully customizable, allowing you to get quick snapshots of your financial position, income and expenses.

    6. Intuitive. Unlike large corporate ERP systems, Quicken is relatively intuitive and easy to use. I love the fact that frequent transactions and vendors are memorized for future use.

    7. It's fast. Running reports and drilling down to specific categories or transactions is very fast and easy. Data analysis is the key to controlling expenses. Oracle and SAP should be taking notes.


    1. Best practices. I wish that there was more in-depth support. Which is the best way to record paystubs, option exercises, mortgage payments or investment transactions? The answers are out there, but it takes time to figure it all out. Hint: split transactions are very helpful.

    2. Reporting. As someone with an accounting mentality, I find the canned reports to be less than intuitive. I just want a simple P&L, balance sheet and portfolio statement, but getting there took some time. Fortunately, reports can be customized to meet my needs. In addition, custom reports can be saved and updated with minimal effort.

    3. Debits = Credits. Again, as an accountant, converting from debits/credits into the Quicken language can take some time to learn.

    4. Portfolio management. Managing investments and money market accounts has come a long way. However, I still find some of the process of determining rates of return somewhat difficult.

    Being the CEO of my household has never been easier. I look forward to seeing the software evolve over the next 10+ years!