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  • reviewer - I was skeptical but now I love it!In fairness I have to say I got the unit as a gift. I thought it was over the top, something for someone who has everything. No longer! I have much more desperately needed kitchen storage space because I don't store soda or mixers anymore and our returnables take less space as well. As for those who say it is hard to find a supplier for the CO2 and mixes, I live in a rural area of Maine but within 7 miles I can get supplies at Walmart, Staples and Target. The tank exchange has been simple and the price of a new tank is reasonable when you are returning a used tank. It cuts the cost in half! Can't think of any negatives and I'm thrilled with the gift I thought I did not need!
  • Mike - Great TabletI didn't buy from Amazon as they want way too much for the Prime, but I thought I would share my experience with it so far.

    Pros: It came neatly packaged and when I took it out I was very careful with it. It looked so thin. This thing is thin. I was expecting it to feel somewhat flimsy but it is the exact opposite. Very well built and very sturdy feeling in the hands. It is sleek and fast. Came pre loaded with Android 3.2 but within minutes of having it turned on it wanted to update. The update process took about 10 minutes for the ICS update to complete. It then updated the camera firmware about 5 minutes. WiFi strength is good. Not quite what my laptops are but better than my cell phones. I am happy with it. I can see my neighbors WiFi signals so no complaints. I usually have 3-4 bars throughout my entire house and at work. GPS works decent. It found my location and locked on within 20 seconds on the first time so no complaints there either. Battery life is excellent and the screen is beautiful. ICS lets you disable the stock apps, you cant delete them but once disabled they don't show up or run anymore.

    Cons: I noticed a small amount of light bleed in the bottom left corner when it first booted. It was cold as it had been on the delivery truck all day once it warmed up to room temperature it went away. I had an issue with deleting the pre loaded music and pictures that came installed. I couldn't delete them either with the file manager or with the use of my computer. I searched and it seems to be somewhat of a common problem with the file permissions. The fix was to clear all the data and reset back to original. Worked good and no issues since. So if you are having issues deleting those files do it before load all your apps and info cause you will have to do it again. One speaker, although the sound quality and volume is good.

    Overall its very good super fast sturdy and I like it better than any of the other tablets I tried. I would recommend it to others.
  • bryce - bros, do you even wolf?This purchase can only be described as epic. it arrived 2 days earlier than scheduled, as if a sign from the gods. I have received many compliments for this shirt on the 3 occasions i have worn it. my life could not get any better. I could win the powerball, cure cancer, and get a HJ from scarlett johansson.. but none of those things could compare to this shirt. and do you want to know why? because all of those events would have just been the result of flow-over of pure awesome from my "three wolf moon" shirt.