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  • Dash Doer "dash doer" - the truth is strangerThis is superbly written narrative non-fiction. It draws you in like a thriller, it fascinates with facts and context, it enrages like a political work, it horrifies like Kafka and Orwell and, despite its taut and concise language (or probably because of it), it manages to tickle your Wernicke's area with controlled bursts of lyrical flourish. Highly reccomended.
  • Neal Avron - this is more a review for the method than the bookpurchased the book a few months ago & it is all great & fine: easy to read & explains method quite adequately. I read whole book b/f starting. Let me just say I am a healthy 51 year old female, not on any medications and very active. My only complaint, if any, is sleeplessness [kind of hormonal based--women out there know what i mean], and tendency toward high blood pressure which is not weight-based, just runs in the family and now that i am bit older, it is kind of creeping up to high side of normal & beyond if i am stressed. Doctors occasionally mention putting me on medication, which is an option i refuse to consider b/c i know there are bad side effects from medication & I can manage the blood pressure thru its cause, not by taking medication to manage the symptoms [which is really not true health]. I actually rarely go to the doctor. So, i started protocol w/ 3 drops of HP 3x a day and I am now up to 24 drops a day. It is a bit difficult balancing when to eat & take next dose b/c you have to have an empty stomach each time, but otherwise very easy to do it. I am not too bothered by taste of water now that i am up to 24 drops [top amount is tomorrow with 25 drops and then you start incrementally reducing back down to 3 drops a day--not sure of maintenance amounts, more research to come]. Ok, so what changes, differences have i seen? Well, about 5 days into taking drops, i started to get a canker sore inside my mouth [which is always a signal i am fighting something off/my immune system is compromised] and then my lymph nodes in my neck got very hard & swollen [again another sign i am fighting something]. I haven't actually had a cold or flu in many many years b/c I do a high daily intake of antioxidants [i buy mush defense also sold by amazon Source Naturals Immune Defense, 16-Mushroom Complex, 120 Tablets& highly recommend it + many other antioxidants]. While I get occasional canker sore b/c my body is fighting something, I haven't had swollen nodes for years & years. I found all of this very interesting b/c the book does explain that you will perhaps go thru a healing crisis while ridding your body of toxins & the canker sore & swollen nodes seem to bear this out. I never actually got ill & I might of felt a bit yucky [hard to tell b/c it was subtle] but after 8-9 days into regimen, nodes unswelled & canker went away. This is what has happened since i started the HP: my sleep, which in past few years in particular has not been good at all--light & restless & when you wake up in morning you feel exhausted--has dramatically changed. I sleep so deeply & wake feeling SO rested. I noticed someone else in the reviews had also said this & i thought to myself if I accomplish that alone in trying the HP, it will be completely worth it. My face looks rested in morning & deep circles are not there [which is what i see if I have had a bad, sleepless night]. So, my sleep has vastly improved. Also, my energy, always high anyway, has also increased. I also notice I don't get those usual "i wanna take a nap" moments at about 3ish in the afternoon--again, something I was feeling almost every day for last 3+ years b/c sleep has been bad. My energy continues high thru out day. Last thing, I haven't been monitoring it [i have BP cuff at home], but I can kind of tell when BP is high or low b/c I can feel a thumping at base of my neck & get tiny headache when BP is highish, and my BP has been regular/good for last few weeks. No moments of feeling that occasional thumping. I am going to finish current protocol w/ HP & then do maintenance after. This method has been VERY HELPFUL FOR ME!! I am very, very happy to have improved sleep & so I woke up this morning refreshed & had to write a review!! Happy holidays:)
  • Kyle Slayzar - Does What It Is Supposed to DoLike other external hard drives I've reviewed, I use this one as the storage unit for a single film project only this one is much larger. I needed a few TBs of data given my next project is very extensive and has many versions or cuts that need to be reviewed and approved. Video editing takes a LOT of storage space and requires relatively fast response times while possessing a certain level of portability.

    With this Seagate backup drive, with its drivers and connections virtually identical to the others I have in my little 'fleet,' I am able to label them and switch them out very quickly depending on what project I'm working out and, as long as I eject them properly, they don't seem to give me any issues. I have been warned against Seagate by local geeks and nerds that Seagate hard drives suffer from random memory wipes but I've yet to see that and, besides, I adhere to the Chicago voting stye of backing up my work; early and VERY often.

    Aside from constantly backing up ones work, the only other thing I would recommend is that the users keep a constant breeze on the hard drives as they seem to warm up a lot. Course, I do this for all my computer equipment and it probably seems to go without saying.
  • Andrew M Edmiston - Excellent Product!I was skeptical at first - not sure this thing was really for me; but I've been looking for an easier way to ensure that I'm getting more fruits and vegetables in my diet, so I bought it anyway.

    So far I'm glad I did! I've been using it twice a day for a little over a week - and I honestly don't see how they could have made it any easier to use.

    It blends everything I put into it too a great smoothie consistency in under a minute. Clean up literally takes seconds.

    No issues with leaks at this point.

    My last smoothie blender was such a pain to use that I almost never bothered with it. This thing is so easy to use - it's like it actually helps me make better/healthier choices with my diet.

    Looking forward to seeing how it continues to perform over the next few months.