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  • Mike "Mike" - Another Amazing Album for Pink FloydIt's amazing that Pink Floyd has come out with two amazing groundbreaking albums (Dark Side of the Moon and the Wall).Dark Side of the Moon spent over 10 years on the Billboard charts! The Wall is their next greatest effort with outstanding songs such as "The Happiest Days of Our Lives/Another Brick in the Wall Part 2," "Empty Spaces/Young Lust," "Hey You," and "Comfortably Numb." Each one of these songs defines the many sounds of Pink Floyd. There is hard rock, progressive rock, and some music that defies genres. Most of the last group is really weird music which some people swear has a deeper meaning, but really Floyd was just high when they wrote the songs. Even if you own the original record or tape you must get the CD, because all of the great songs are so much more amazing as digitally remastered, which includes better sound quality and the instruments and singing sound better and clearer. Buy this album just to here the song "Comfortably Numb" because it is that good.
  • Lolynn - Part of my routineThese pills have become part of my routine and I am going to stick with them. One a day and I am ready to go. It may burn your stomach if you take them combined with other supplements so make sure to eat some breakfast with it. For me, this solved many of the skin rashes I was experiencing. Health starts from within. Take your supplement and you will improve.
  • Ashton Plott - MamaRoo PlushI was first introduced to the MamaRoo by a friend of mine. From the moment I got pregnant I had to have the MamaRoo. It was my first baby purchase and I love it. WHen I brought my daughter home from the hospital, we have used it everyday. In the begining it was the only thing I could get her to fall asleep in. My favorite thing about this product is, when I am extremely exhausted and have no energy to rock my tired cranky child, I don't have to the MamaRoo does it for me. I love the Plush material it is soft and comfortable, it removes easily to clean. 3 months later we are finally getting use out of the mobile, my daughter is finally looking up at them, and she always smiles. I can not rave enough about the MamaRoo. It was and still is the best purchase I have made for my baby.
  • John Philippi - The Floyd at their best!!This album is truly a masterpiece. It starts off with a spacey track titled "Cluster One". It sounds like radio static or something of the like, but it's very ambient. Other favorites include "Poles Apart", which appears to be written for Syd Barrett (including a nice little segment of carnival music--very good for expressing the idea of insanity, it comes across well), "Wearing The Inside Out", a taste of Richard Wright's melancholy ambiance, "Take It Back", a beautifully passionate piece, "Coming Back To Life", which has a very nice guitar solo and deep lyrics (Dave and Polly really did an awesome job here--It's amazing what can happen when two soul mates work together on a musical piece--it gives it a spiritual element that can't be reached any other way), "Lost For Words" which sounds as though it was written for Roger Waters, but only Dave can answer that, and last but certainly not least, "High Hopes", a song every Pink Floyd fan knows and loves. The slide solo on this track is nothing short of amazing.

    If you enjoyed Momentary Lapse of Reason (another awesome album), then this is definitely for you. These two albums almost fit together--Momentary Lapse is about coming together, whereas The Division Bell is about growing apart. They really ought to release these two as a 2-CD set. Excellent Job to Dave (and Polly), Nick, and Rick! Shine on!
  • Daniel Batza - Blizzard did it right.Reading through some of the reviews on this game, all I seem to keep on reading is "no single player offline" and the auction house which everyone thinks is a scam for blizzard to make money.

    1. Blizzard wants everything online to monitor whats going on in the game the problem with the diablo franchise, from what i can tell you in first person from diablo + diablo 2 experience is that the online scence had a huge cheating problem. The problem arose from people duplicating items and automated bots; so if the only way to fix that problem is for blizzard to monitor all services at once i'm all for it. What we saw in the past was blizzard having to take a stand on people cheating and people having their I.D's banned from online. (So I guess you'd rather just buy another copy of D3? lol)

    2. The auction house, i don't know why everyone is complaining about blizzard taking a small fee. (which is only if your useing the "real" money feature/ if you don't want to have a small fee taken then use your in game gold people!). With blizzard taking there small fee it will help keep the service on diablo 3 up to par and will keep the content up to date and new material comming for a longer period.

    3. The game overall is beautiful, and yes there was a few errors with the opening launch of the game; but everything has been running smooth since. I for one am just happy they actually made another one I've been waiting 10+ years for it.