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  • grandma Lorraine - blue dog calendar - gifts for my children who all love the blue dogHis soulful eyes get me. Eveytime I look at it, I want to give the blue dog a great big hug. My grandchildren, two little girls one who is 7 and the other is 11, both love the blue dog. I will be giving this calendar to them for Christmas this year. I know they will show it off to all their friends. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to purchase this calendar. One of the calendars will be going to my 46 year old son who loves these paintings.
  • Camper-Alex - Best $200 I ever spent on electronicsMy Kindle Fire exceeds my expectations for an e-reader and 7” tablet. Not only can I read my favorite books and magazines, but I can check my email, play a multitude of games and browse the web. This is more of a tablet computer than an e-reader. Using Amazon Silk really speeds up web browsing (compared to my son’s tablet) AND no need for anti-virus protection. I would purchase the Amazon Prime with this not only for the Fire for free two-day shipping of other Amazon orders. After the introduction of the Fire, other manufacturers were scrambling to produce a product with similar features and beat the price (The Nexus 16GB is about the closest).
  • Camping Bee - Great for ex-smokersAfter having quit smoking my digestive system was horrible...something I have never experienced before...bloating, heartburn, gas, knots in my if quitting nicotine was not bad enough. Even while I smoked my digestive system was perfect so quitting smoking seemed like a 'bad move'. Like many, after a few days I was feeling 100% better.

    Also, for those of you who are looking to eat more protein or are trying to 'load up' for your workouts this is a great way to keep your equilibrium running smooth. Great alternative to pro-biotic yogurt especially if you have issues with lactose.
    Worth every penny, thank you.