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  • Piers Lehmann - Number randomnessI can partially concur on the review given by Louis, On the point of favourite Random number, 776834689765872643756324876 this was actually a close second for me, having myself given it considerable thought and after considerable debate with fellow random number enthusiasts, we have made a firm descision that the top place for our most converted random number must go to 7267268972587295534337209. What clinched the position was the random placement of the 72 digits (1,4,2,7), If one looks closely at the placement, one can begin to appreciate the randomness of the '72' digits thus elevating the reader to explore other random number aspects of this fascinating occupation. The book was a master piece of writing, I, no we ( a random number club) have this volume proudly displayed on our bookshelf. the book beginning to end is a wonderful informative and exciting read. well worth the money and the wait.Interested in this then have a look at CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae (30th Ed)Excellent read...many thanks Rand regards24912795
  • michael galic - BEST INSURANCE:Peaceful and Dignifying ExitGreat comfort is to know that peaceful pill DOES exist.
    Somehow, SUFFERING, POVERTY, and PAIN are tolerated by the LEGAL HEALTH LAW. However, right to end SUFFERING is NOT!
    Highly recommend this book as the BEST INSURANCE against cruel suffering and the seller.
  • Marino Shauye - Protect your PC without slowing it downI always trust Kaspersky to protect my PC, and the 2012 edition doesn't disappoint. It's easy-to-use and streamlined to keep your system running smoothly.

    Installation was fairly straightforward and simple. In my Windows Vista environment, it took about 10 minutes for a fresh install. I have a three-year-old system, so I was concerned that it would take a while. But this wasn't the case here.

    After launching the software, my initial impression was that the interface seemed very streamlined and easy to use. All the vital features are readily accessible and everything you need to protect your system is there on the main interface page. What I enjoyed the most was the drag-and-drop feature that allows you to simply drag a file into the interface and it scans it right away.

    The other scanning features are pretty straightforward, and not like previous versions, the software lets you to do a full or partial scan. A full scan will take a quite a while: on my computer, it took about an hour or so to complete. If you're impatient or don't have the time, you can just run the critical areas scan, which takes significantly less amount of time. The initial software update also took quite a while, but that's to be expected given Kaspersky's large threats database.

    While running in the background, the software doesn't seem to drain too much memory - a huge bonus. I tested it by opening up iTunes, World of Warcraft, and a browser with three open tabs. Even with those programs running simultaneously, I didn't notice much of a slowdown at all. This may not be the case if you have a much older computer, however.

    Overall, this is a solid product, with a rich amount of features and an easy-to-use interface. Most of all, it's not a resource hog. So, scan and browse away with confidence!
  • E. Ferguson "V's Mum" - Worked for us!It accurately predicted we were having a little girl. Whoever gets angry about the 'prediction' is taking it a bit too seriously. I wouldn't start painting the room pink or blue based on the results but it's still fun to do.

    Also, their customer service was really helpful when I had questions about my outcome.

    We found out we were pregnant in September and we were sure to purchase this when we were far along enough to try it. This time it predicted boy. I wanted to make sure the results were correct, color-wise, so I emailed their customer service. They were prompt in returning my email and confirmed I got a boy result. Well, 5 weeks later we got our confirmation that we are in fact having a boy!

    I think one of the problems with this product is you have to follow the directions EXACTLY for it to work. But, it worked for us twice! :)
  • L. Kirchhoff "Lucy21" - Easy to install!I bought and installed this on my brand new iMac. It was very simple and I just followed the prompts. It took about an hour start to finish with a lot of down time for me in the middle. The program is perfect (well, as perfect as it can be) and exactly what I expected. I would purchase this again in a heart beat.